Implement button state machine based on STM32F103

Article directory Development board development environment Preface Anti-shake button Button hardware schematic diagram Software delay implementation ideas Purpose code Button status Key information Definitions related to buttons Button underlying configuration and status acquisition Summarize Development board Punctual Atomic STM32F103ZET6 battleship Development environment stm32cubeMX Clion Foreword When the microcontroller uses buttons, in order to eliminate the […]

2 methods to teach you how to use Python to implement parameter association in interface automation

Foreword Usually in interface automation, there is often the problem of parameter association. So what is parameter association? Parameter association means that the return value of the previous interface will be used as a parameter by the next interface. There are many ways to implement parameter association in Python. Today I will introduce to you […]

How to split and splice strings?

String segmentation and splicing are common operations in C language programming, especially when processing text data. In this article, I will explain in detail how to split and splice strings in C language, including methods of using standard library functions and manual manipulation of string arrays, as well as some practical application examples. String splitting […]

Optimization ideas in high concurrency and flash sale scenarios

Article directory Optimization principles Client optimization Resource optimization Connection optimization Cache optimization Parsing optimization Loading optimization Architecture optimization Server-side optimization DNS – Domain Name System Domain name resolution process DNS optimization CDN – Content Delivery Network Content distribution process CDN application scenarios Solution to flash sale problem Optimization principles System technical design principles Solve the […]

lv4 embedded development-8 file attributes and directory operations

Table of Contents 1 Access directory – opendir 2 Access directory – readdir 3 Access directory – closedir 4 Modify file access permissions – chmod/fchmod 5 Get file attributes – stat/lstat/fstat 6 File attributes – struct stat 7 File Types – st_mode 8 File access permissions – st_mode 9 Exercise – Get and display file […]

Use Mybatis Generator (MBG for short) to generate code

Preface: Use Mybatis Generator (MBG for short) to generate code Preparation (two rack bags) 1. mybatis-generator-core-1.3.2.jar (package for generating code) 2. mysql-connector-java-5.1.38.jar (package for linking to the database) Configuration file (generatorConfig.xml) <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE generatorConfiguration PUBLIC “-// MyBatis Generator Configuration 1.0//EN” “”> <generatorConfiguration> <!– classPathEntry: jar package address of the JDBC driver of the […]

MyBatis enhancement (1)~mybatis code generator Generator

1. mybatis code generator Generator ? Introduction: ? MyBatis Generator, referred to as MBG, is a code generator specially provided for iBatis and MyBatis framework users. You can quickly generate corresponding model objects, Mapper interfaces, Mapper files, and even QBC style query objects based on the table. MBG supports basic add, delete, modify, and query […]

python knowledge – iterable objects (Iterable), iterators (Iterator) and generators (Generator)

First introduction to iterators and iterable objects The data types that can be directly used in for loops include the following: ? Collection data type: list, tuple, dict, set, str (only iterable objects, not iterators) ? Generator: (both an iterable object and an iterator) generator function with yield These objects that can be directly used […]