.NET development DataTable and List<T> mutual conversion

.NET DataTable and List Generic Conversion 1. Three methods of converting DataTable to List generic The first one: DataTable is converted to a List object collection The second type: DataTable is converted into a List collection The third method: convert DataTable to List 2. Convert List Generics to DataTable In .NET development, DataTable is often […]

Simulate the list of STL containers

Article directory foreword 1. General idea 2. Code implementation 1. Create node class and list class 2. Iterator design 1. Forward iterator 2. Reverse iterator 3. Other interfaces 1. Construction and destruction 2. Insertion and deletion 3. Summary Foreword This article mainly introduces the implementation of list simulation. The essence of list simulation implementation is […]

User mode –fork function to create a process

We generally use the Shell command line to start a program, which first creates a subprocess. However, because the Shell command line program is relatively complicated, we simplify the Shell command line program for easier understanding, and use the following small piece of code to see how to create a subprocess in user mode. #include […]

String class, generics, permission modifiers

1. String 1.1 Two declaration methods of String public class Demo1 { public static void main(String[] args) { \t\t //The first way to declare: String string = “I want to go home with the wind”; System.out.println(string); //This second way of declaring String str1 = new String(“goudan”); System.out.println(str1); } } 1.2 Comparison of two strings == […]

Dynamic programming topic (continued tomorrow)

Dynamic programming to find the maximum value: Description of topic Blue is playing a game on a grid with nn rows and mm columns. At the beginning, Xiaolan is standing in the upper left corner of the grid, which is row 11 and column 11. Xiaolan can walk on the grid chart. When walking, if […]

Dynamic programming method and its optimization

In many problems, the dynamic programming algorithm is our best choice. Compared with the recursive algorithm, the time complexity and space complexity of the dynamic programming algorithm are superior, and the data scale that can be processed is larger. However, the time complexity of the dynamic optimization algorithm is O(N*V), that is to say, when […]

Show transparent status bar and navigation bar under gesture navigation

Yes, UI designers are torturing me again. In the case of gesture navigation, make the navigation bar transparent. In the case of three-button navigation, it is displayed normally, even if the interface is blocked. What effect? I was also drunk, this wonderful effect. The first picture is the content behind the occlusion, and the second […]