jsp+servlet simple message board based on javaweb+mysql (java+jsp+servlet+javabean+mysql+tomcat)

jsp + servlet simple message board based on javaweb + mysql (java + jsp + servlet + javabean + mysql + tomcat) Private message Source code acquisition and debugging communication Operating environment Java≥8, MySQL≥5.7, Tomcat≥8 development tools eclipse/idea/myeclipse/sts, etc. can be configured to run Be applicable Course design, major assignments, graduation projects, project exercises, learning […]

SpringCloud GateWay custom filter GatewayFilter and AbstractGatewayFactory

1. GatewayFilter GatewayFilter is a simple interface used to define the behavior of a gateway filter. A gateway filter is a class that implements the GatewayFilter interface and can perform certain operations when a request enters the gateway or when a response leaves the gateway. Filters can be used to modify requests or responses, log, […]

Added custom multi-selectable fields to the ZenTao BUG page

At present, the fields on the ZenTao BUG page are relatively common. If you need more fields, you need to open a second version of ZenTao. The following is an example of adding [Discovery Stage] and [Environment] custom fields: 1. Execute this SQL in the database Enter the ZenTao initial page, select [Database Management], enter […]

Design of fully automatic washing machine based on 51 microcontroller

Design of fully automatic washing machine based on 51 microcontroller (Simulation + Program + Schematic + Design Report) Function introduction Specific functions: 1. Set 4 washing modes: “standard”, “economy”, “individual” and “drainage”. 2. Divided into strong washing and weak washing (motor speed). 3. The process is divided into “water intake”, “rinsing”, “washing” and “dehydration”. 4. […]

Python artificial intelligence practice: automatic recommendation system

1. Background introduction Auto Recommendation System (Auto Recommendation System) is a very popular research field in the Internet industry. According to different application scenarios and user needs, its goals can be divided into the following three categories: Personalized recommendation: The system recommends products, articles, etc. that are most relevant to the user’s interests based on […]

[SCM Graduation Project] [jj-015] Smart Fan | Temperature Control Fan | Energy Saving Fan | Automatic Control Fan

1. Basic introduction Item name: Intelligent fan system design based on microcontroller Design of temperature control fan system based on single chip microcomputer Design of energy-saving fan system based on single-chip microcomputer Design of automatic control fan system based on single-chip microcomputer Project name: Smart fan | Temperature-controlled fan | Energy-saving fan | Automatic control […]

Vue3 encapsulates custom instructions and hooks, and publishes npm packages

Requirements: Encapsulate a function that requires monitoring the width and height changes of the DOM, and supports both custom instructions and hooks. Step 1: Create the project folder v-resize-xm 1. Create the src folder in the v-resize-xm folder Execute the pnpm init command to generate a package.json file 2. Install ts sudo npm install -g […]

Qt custom control (switch button)

Qt custom control (switch button) principle Source code operation result Children who have been exposed to the IOS system should be familiar with the switch button. They often encounter it in the settings. The sliding effect when switching is quite cool. Generally speaking, the switch button has two states: on and off. Next, we use […]