The front-end custom export function (wheel) does not need to call the back-end interface

requirement background Our project will always encounter this kind of export table data function. For example, which table is checked, click Export, when exporting excel data, only the checked data will be exported, and when it is not checked, all data will be exported. We follow the normal logic. That is to say, it is […]

[RocketMQ] Automatic fault recovery cluster practice based on RocketMQ 5.1.0 version (Controller embedded mode)

Article directory need Prepare nameserver dashboard Broker exporter problems encountered write at the end Requirements RocketMQ version is 5.1.0; Build a cluster of 3 masters and 3 slaves, adopt cross-deployment (to avoid two machines being master-slave each other), and save machine resources; 3 nameservers, 1 exporter, 1 dashboard; Supports automatic fault recovery, and the controller […]

websocket demo based on stomp protocol

What is stomp STOMP (Simple (or Streaming) Text Orientated Messaging Protocol) is a simple text protocol that defines the format for communication between clients and message brokers. It is an interoperable protocol because many different message brokers and clients implement it. STOMP provides a reliable, asynchronous messaging model that is suitable for communicating between heterogeneous […]

Three frameworks for automated test cases

The previous Selenium articles in this series gave you an understanding of the basic concepts of Selenium testing. However, in this post, I will tell you how to use the Selenium framework to optimize your code structure, which will bring you one step closer to becoming a Selenium Certified Professional. What is the Selenium framework? […]

Simpler batch operations for the three major databases of redis, mongodb, and mysql. Automatic aggregator for batch tasks.

1. The python packages of redis, mongodb, and mysql all provide batch insert operations, but you need to decompose a task such as 1000 001 externally into 1 small batch for every 1000, and also deal with the remainder after dividing the number of batches , it’s okay if you do it once, but if […]

Java implements the Session class similar to the python requests package, and automatically manages cookies.

1. In py, the and get() functions automatically generate an instance of the Session class inside that function, so if the requests, post and get functions want to do things that can only be done after logging in, they need to be added cookie or write the cookie in the headers. If you want […]

Add and delete flutter bottom navigation bar (error is reported when adding)

When we want to add the bottom navigation bar, using insert will report an error: The following RangeError was thrown building BottomNavigationBar(dirty, state: _BottomNavigationBarState#a56dd(tickers: tracking 3 tickers)): RangeError (index): Invalid value: Not in range 0..2, inclusive: 3 The solution is to: bottomList = [ //This way direct assignment is fine BottomNavigationBarItem(icon: Icon(Icons.home), label: “Home”), BottomNavigationBarItem(icon: […]

Springboot custom ThreadPoolTaskExecutor thread pool multi-threaded concurrent execution of asynchronous methods

1. Background Currently, due to work requirements, a large number of Http requests need to be sent. After practice, it takes 6 hours to complete the traversal and sending. If a single-threaded request is sent, the main thread will be blocked. There will be the following problems: The front-end user waits too long for a […]

Software testing/test development丨Appium WebView technical principle of app automation testing

Public account search: TestingStudio Hogwarts test development dry goods are very hardcore Hybrid application testing or WeChat applet testing will involve the WebView component. This section will analyze the technical principles of WebView. First, check the running process of Appium through log analysis. WebView log analysis To view the log of ChromeDriver, you need to […]

Windows10 AUTOMATIC1111 / stable-diffusion-webui local deployment

Windows10 AUTOMATIC1111 / stable-diffusion-webui local deployment Article directory Windows10 AUTOMATIC1111 / stable-diffusion-webui local deployment foreword 1. Preliminary preparation 1. Python 2. git 3.stable-diffusion-webui repository 4. Model 5. Required documents 2. Deployment steps 1. Install Python 2. Install git 3.stable-diffusion-webui repository 4. Modify the webui-user.bat file 5. Place the model and related files 6. Run webui-user.bat […]