[Transfer] Marshal, Disconnect and life cycle and tracking services of Microsoft .Net Remoting

Marshal, Disconnect and life cycle and tracking services 1. Activation of remote objects There are three activation methods in Remoting. The general implementation is completed through the static method of the RemotingServices class. The working process is actually to register the remote object into the channel. Since Remoting does not provide a corresponding Unregister method […]

[Monotonic stack] The next larger element I

Article directory Tag Question source Question interpretation Problem-solving ideas Method 1: Violent enumeration Method 2: Monotone stack + hash table Knowledge review monotonic stack write at the end Tag [Monotonic stack + hash table] [Array] Question source 496. Next Greater Element I Explanation of the question Find the position of the number x in nums1 […]

stm32 serial port sends data packets for analysis to achieve human-computer interaction

Serial port sending and receiving parsing data packets Students who have studied stm32 know that it is very convenient to use the serial port to communicate with 32. In the official process of punctual atoms, we can see that in the serial port interrupt service function, a sixteen-bit data is used for the received data. […]

STM32 Getting Started Notes 11_USART serial port data packet + case: USART receives HEX data packet USART receives text data packet

USART serial port data packet Data mode HEX mode/Hex mode/Binary mode: Display in the form of raw data Text mode/Character mode HEX data packet Fixed package length, including header and tail Variable packet length, including header and tail Text packet Fixed package length, including header and tail Variable packet length, including header and tail HEX […]

stm32f103c8t6 serial port data packet sending and receiving

Hardware resources: The stm32f103c8t6 microcontroller is used as the main control, the CH340USB to serial port module is used to send and receive serial port data, and the 0.96-inch display screen that supports the IIC protocol is used to display the effect. Wiring diagram: Project ideas: ①: What is a serial port data packet? A […]

Install directory-only extension packages for Jupyter

new Execute the command in the toc2 parent directory: jupyter-nbextension install toc2 and jupyter-nbextension enable toc2/main The table of contents is on the left this time and is longer: Cancel activation: jupyter-nbextension disable toc2/toc2, cancel installation: jupyter-nbextension uninstall toc2 File download: https://github.com/ipython-contrib/jupyter_contrib_nbextensions/tree/master/src/jupyter_contrib_nbextensions/nbextensions/toc2 Backup file packaging link: https://files-cdn.cnblogs.com/files/dotnetcrazy/toc2.zip old Project address: https://github.com/minrk/ipython_extensions/tree/master/nbextensions Generally, Nbextensions is installed, […]

Mysql bin-log log recovery data and physical backup-xtrabackup

Focus on data backup and recovery binlog and xtarbackup bin-log log recovery Enable bin-log configuration bin-log log recovery Physical backup-xtrabackup Three backup methods Install xtrabackup backup Full backup incremental backup differential backup bin-log log recovery The bin-log log records the operations performed on the database. All additions, deletions, and modifications are in the bin-log log. […]

Application of Java Stack Ideas – Four Arithmetic Operations | With Parentheses Matching

Arithmetic: 1. Traverse the four arithmetic expressions and store the numbers on the stack when encountering them. 2. If a symbol is encountered and the stack is empty, it will be pushed into the stack; otherwise, it needs to be compared to determine whether it is calculated. Set priority for each symbol ±*/; If the […]

KingbaseES V8R3 backup and recovery case — sys_rman physical backup multi-machine recovery

Case description: After physical backup is performed through sys_rman in the production environment, a test environment needs to be built on a different machine. This case describes the detailed process and operations of physical backup on a different machine. Applicable version:KingbaseES V8R3 Node information: [kingbase@node102 bin]$ cat /etc/hosts … node101 # Production node […]