Docker installation of distributed transaction solution Seata-1.6.0 version

1. Introduction Why install version 1.6.0? Because the lower version of Seata only supports DDL statements of single table, only UPDATE JOINUPDATE JOIN1.6.0 version and above are supported /code>. Note: The main difference between version 1.6.0 and earlier versions is the modification of configuration file format, one-stop solution: distributed transaction solution Seata integrates Spring Cloud […]

spring-cloud-alibaba-seata distributed transaction instance

Step 1: First visit: Download the seata1.6.0 service we need to use Step 2: 1. Add the undo_log table to your database participating in global transactions — for AT mode you must to init this sql for your business database. the seata server not need it. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `undo_log` ( `branch_id` […]

idea plug-in development-AnAction

This chapter mainly explains the core implementation of AnAction. For more configuration, please refer to the previous chapters. The action system of Idea-IDE allows plug-ins to add Actions to the IDE menu and toolbar based on the IntelliJ platform. As shown in the figure below, Actions can be added to tools separately In the bar […]

Shell programming without interaction

1. Overview of Here Document Use I/O redirection to provide a command list to an interactive program or command, such as the ftp, cat, or read commands. It is a substitute for standard input that can help script developers not have to use temporary files to build input information, but directly produce a “file” in […]

Spring transaction and transaction propagation mechanism

Article directory Why do you need transactions? Review the use of transactions in MySQL Implementation of transactions in Spring programmatic transaction declarative transaction Declarative transaction failure scenarios Isolation level of transactions in Spring Propagation mechanism of Spring transaction Why do you need transactions? A transaction is to encapsulate a group of operations into an execution […]

Spring Boot unified transaction processing (interceptor)

1. What is an interceptor? 1.1 Meaning In Spring Boot, an interceptor is a mechanism for intercepting and processing HTTP requests. It is a middleware provided by the Spring framework to execute some shared logic before or after the request reaches the controller (Controller). The interceptor of Spring Boot is implemented based on the HandlerInterceptor […]

Tag input box tag-input: imitate QQ mailbox to enhance your component interaction and interface display

Not much to say, first look at the renderings: There are too many scenarios for the input box, but we occasionally encounter some personalized needs. What I will introduce to you today is an input box similar to the above that can display labels. Let’s first assume our input requirements: To be able to enter […]

effective c++ 27 Do as few transformation actions as possible

effective c++ 27 do as little transformation as possible This section mainly discusses issues related to mandatory type conversion, and points out that mandatory type conversion should be used as little as possible in normal development, which is not conducive to operating efficiency, and sometimes may cause unexpected problems. Analysis In the C language, the […]