JSDoc, an alternative to TypeScript?

Many developers prefer using TypeScript because of its type checking capabilities. However, this requires an additional translation step, which can cause trouble and waste time. This article will show you how to use JSDoc to get the same type of control, while using pure JavaScript for the fastest development times and better documentation! JavaScript has […]

Pocket ArkHow to make a health bar

1. First, build a UI casually. This UI contains a slider and a text. We named it UIHP. and export the UI. 2. Create a new script ~ called HPBar <span style=”background-color:#272822″><span style=”color:#f8f8f2″><code class=”language-typescript”> <span style=”color:#66d9ef”>import</span> UIHP_Generate <span style=”color:#66d9ef”>from</span> <span style=”color:#a6e22e”>”./ui-generate /UIHP_generate”</span><span style=”color:#f8f8f2″>;</span> <span style=”color:#f8f8f2″>@</span><span style=”color:#e6db74″>Core</span><span style=”color:#f8f8f2″>.</span>Class <span style=”color:#66d9ef”>export</span> <span style=”color:#66d9ef”>default</span> <span style=”color:#66d9ef”>class</span> <span style=”color:#e6db74″>HPBar</span> […]

Image classification problem based on caltech101

Task description Based on the image classification of the Caltech101 data set, Caltech101 contains 101 categories of objects, each category has about 40 to 800 images, and 16 categories are selected. It is necessary to use an algorithm to identify which category the image belongs to based on the image characteristics. Data description The image […]

The sparrow search algorithm SCSSA, which combines sine and cosine and Cauchy mutation, is combined with VMD to optimize its two parameters k and penalty coefficient.

?About the author: A Matlab simulation developer who loves scientific research. He cultivates his mind and improves his technology simultaneously. For code acquisition, paper reproduction and scientific research simulation cooperation, please send a private message. Personal homepage: Matlab Research Studio Personal credo: Investigate things to gain knowledge. For more complete Matlab code and simulation customization […]

Level 6 K8s Overcoming Strategy (3) – Service Health Check

——> Course videos are shared simultaneously on Toutiao and Bilibili Health Check Hello everyone, I am Boge AiOperation and Maintenance. Observe the 2023 Kubernetes Practical Strategy column. Here we go one step further and talk about the health detection features of services on K8s. On K8s, the powerful self-healing capability is a very important feature […]

Rust-Although 9 days have passed, the result is no result (port mapping problem of Docker container)

? This article is included in the Rust practical column. The relevant code in this column comes from the note-taking system I developed. It starts on September 14, 2023. Relevant technology stacks currently include: Rust, Javascript. Follow me, I will share with you relevant practical technologies through the development of this project. Foreword Last week, […]

Install Altibase on Windows

Altibase is an in-memory database software with high performance, fault tolerance and transaction management convenience. It is widely used in fields such as communications, online banking, securities trading, real-time applications and embedded systems. Now we start installing it under Windows system. (1) Download the installation package First, select the altibase installation package to be downloaded. […]

Nginx load balancing health check

Foreword Among the modules provided by the Nginx official module, there is no health check module for the load balancing backend node, but you can use the third-party module nginx_upstream_check_module to detect the health status of the backend server. The way I installed Nginx is through yum. The nginx_upstream_check_module module is not installed through yum, […]

To peel back the cocoon, Redis uses event bus EventBus or AOP to optimize health detection

Table of Contents Preface Lettuce What is event bus EventBus? Connected Connection activated Disconnected Connection deactivated Reconnect failed use An alternative approach-AOP Implementation Preface In the previous article, SpringBoot integrates Quartz to implement scheduled tasks and Redis health detection (2)_The past is like a smoke separated by many years of blog-CSDN Blog In the article, […]

Java computer graduation project is based on springboot+vue mental health communication website

Get resources at the end of the article, collect and follow them to avoid getting lost Article directory Preface 1. Research background 2. Research significance 3. Mainly used technologies 4. Research content 5. Core code 6. Article Table of Contents Foreword With the development of social economy, medical and health care has made great progress, […]