stm32 serial port sends data packets for analysis to achieve human-computer interaction

Serial port sending and receiving parsing data packets Students who have studied stm32 know that it is very convenient to use the serial port to communicate with 32. In the official process of punctual atoms, we can see that in the serial port interrupt service function, a sixteen-bit data is used for the received data. […]

Spring instantiation source code analysis of MessageSource (7)

Foreword After reading the source code of registerBeanPostProcessors, the next step is to enter initMessageSource. The main function of this step is to initialize the internationalization file. Source code analysis This source code is a Java method used to initialize the message source (MessageSource). In the Spring framework, message sources are used to provide localized […]

Expectation maximization (EM) algorithm: full analysis from theory to practice

Directory I. Introduction Probabilistic models and latent variables Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) Jensen’s inequality 2. Basic mathematical principles Conditional probability and joint probability likelihood function Kullback-Leibler divergence Bayesian inference 3. The core idea of EM algorithm Expectation (E) step Maximize (M) steps Q function and auxiliary function Convergence 4. EM algorithm and Gaussian mixture model […]

MM-Camera architecture-ProcessCaptureRequest process analysis

Article directory processCaptureRequest\_3\_4 1.1 mDevice 1.2 mDevice->ops->process\_capture\_request 1.3 hardware to vendor mct\_shimlayer\_process\_event 2.1 mct\_shimlayer\_handle\_parm 2.2 mct\_shimlayer\_reg\_buffer processCaptureRequest_3_4 The sdm660 camera uses the camera hal 3.4 interface. Each preview frame is initiated by the camera service. Through the CameraDeviceSession::processCaptureRequest_3_4 interface of the camera HAL, the hal is notified to request a preview frame. hardware/interfaces/camera/device/3.4/default/CameraDeviceSession.cpp Return<void> CameraDeviceSession::processCaptureRequest_3_4( […]

Analysis of BEV classics Lift, Splat, Shoot

Article 1: LSS algorithm data shape flow chart – Zhihu The Lift Splat Shoot algorithm is an algorithm for autonomous driving perception, which was proposed by NVIDIA. This algorithm works by converting multi-view camera images into feature representations in 3D space. The main idea is to generate 3D features from each camera’s image through “Lift”, […]

Concept of stack | Detailed analysis of dynamic sequential stack | Code reference of static sequential stack & chain stack

Foreword Today we will learn about the stack in data structure, which is a special kind of linear list. Why – Earlier we learned about sequential lists and linked lists, which are all linear lists. They can insert and delete data at any position; but today we learn about the stack, which can only insert […]

Multi-thread matrix multiplication and analysis based on OpenMP and PThread

This article mainly records matrix multiplication examples and analysis of different threads and different matrix sizes based on OpenMP and PThread. The code comments are more detailed for reference. ?Relevant code can also be accessed directly from git, and the link is posted here: -Lab Before this, let us first understand two terms-speedup ratio […]

Stack overflow to getshell analysis and utilization

Public account: Control Security EDU to share more technical articles, welcome to follow and discuss and learn together Table of Contents Ret2text (system and /bin/sh exist in the source program) 32-bit program 64-bit program: Ret2libc2 (the address of system in the source program does not exist/bin/sh) Bass segment Gets() function Readelf Ret2libc2 Ret2libc3 (the address […]