Vue CLI scaffolding installation, construction, configuration and CLI project analysis

Table of Contents 1. Quick Start with CLI 1. Official introduction: 2. Install Vue CLI: 3. Build Vue CLI: 4.IDEA configures Vue CLI: 2. Vue CLI project analysis 1. Structural analysis: 1.1 config 1.2 node_modules 1.3 src 1.4 static 2. Process analysis: 2.1 main.js 2.2 router/index.js 2.3 components/HelloWorld.vue 2.4 App.vue 2.5 index.html 1. Quick Start […]

Network (2) VLAN technology and network layer analysis

VLAN technology and applications 1 Broadcast Domain The broadcast domain refers to the range that receives the same broadcast message. Any device in this range sends a broadcast and all other devices can receive it. By default, all interfaces of the switch belong to the same broadcast domain 2 VLAN Overview VLAN, Virtual LAN (Virtual […]

Practical Data Analysis | K-means Algorithm – Analysis of Protein Consumption Characteristics

Table of Contents 1. Data and analysis objects 2. Purpose and analysis tasks 3. Methods and Tools 4. Data reading 5. Data understanding 6. Data preparation 7. Model training ?Edit 8. Model evaluation 9. Model tuning participates in prediction 1. Data and analysis objects txt file – “protein.txt”, mainly records 9 attributes of 25 countries. […]

ESP32 IDF development application? esp_http_client example analysis

ESP32 IDF development application? esp_http_client example analysis 1. The blogger’s purpose for writing this technical article: 2. Overview 3. Introduction to esp_http_client related APIs 4. Software design 5. Examples 6. Debugging results Don’t get lost-Navigation bar Quickly navigate to find what you want (article directory) If this article is useful to you, please like and […]

Implement personal mobile phone location analysis based on Python! I just want to ask you if you can hang it!

TransBigData is a Python package developed for traffic spatiotemporal big data processing, analysis, and visualization. This article will use it to implement personal mobile phone positioning analysis But in fact, traffic spatio-temporal big data is not limited to the data generated by transportation vehicles. A large amount of data is also generated in our daily […]

Skywalking process analysis_2 (configuration loading and custom class loader initialization)

Read configuration SnifferConfigInitializer.initializeCoreConfig(agentArgs)This method is to read the configuration file. The file agent.config is read in this method public static void initializeCoreConfig(String agentOptions) {<!– –> //Start loading configuration information priority (the smaller the number, the greater the priority) 1: The age of the startup command nt parameter 2: system environment variable 3: configuration of agent.config […]

[Vue Principle Analysis] Virtual DOM

Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework that uses the concept of virtual DOM to improve performance and development efficiency. Virtual DOM is one of the cores of Vue.js. It builds a lightweight DOM tree in memory instead of directly operating the real DOM, thereby reducing the number of operations on the real DOM and improving […]