Bugs frequently occur when pulling local running results of the company’s front-end projects. See how I successfully solved them step by step.

Article directory Front-end project running bug record Problem background `npm install` error report Question 1: `npm install` reports error `ERESOLVE could not resolve` Question 2: `npm install` reports error `Cannot read properties of null` Question 3: Node is installed but npm is not installed. Problem 4: npm and node are not compatible Problem 5: Mixed […]

Configurable BOM–When MFBF recoils, all configurable BOMs are brought out, not individual material number BOMs. There are priorities in BOMs. It is necessary to mark the deletion of unused BOMs separately and change the BOM uses (so that this BOM cannot be used). for any operation)

REPORT zcs02 MESSAGE-ID zcust. TABLES:sscrfields,mara. DATA: gw_fieldcat TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv, gt_fieldcat TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv, g_layout TYPE slis_layout_alv. DATA:BEGIN OF gt_data OCCURS 0, matnr LIKE csap_mbom-matnr, werks LIKE csap_mbom-werks, stlan LIKE csap_mbom-stlan, END OF gt_data. DATA:BEGIN OF gt_out OCCURS 0, sel TYPE char1, matnr LIKE csap_mbom-matnr, werks LIKE csap_mbom-werks, stlan LIKE csap_mbom-stlan, stlal LIKE mast-stlal, message TYPE char255, […]

NXP company K60N512+PWM control BLDC motor

This article introduces the use of the tower rapid prototyping system provided by NXP to drive and control a brushless DC motor with a Hall sensor. The tower rapid prototyping system involved in the article mainly includes the following four independent boards: 1. Tower system support module (TWR-Elevator), used to connect microcontrollers and peripheral modules; […]

[C++11 new algorithm] all_of, any_of, none_of algorithm

Article directory Preface 1. Concept 1.1all_of 1.2any_of 1.3none_of 2. How to use 3. Sample code 3.1all_of 3.2any_of 3.3none_of 3.4 Check whether all characters in a string are lowercase letters 3.5 Check whether there is at least one element in a container with a string length exceeding 5 Summarize Foreword In the C++11 standard, many important […]

JS handwritten Promise includes instance methods (catch, finally) and static methods (resolve, reject, race, all, allSetted, any)

// Asynchronous execution using three asynchronous solutions queueMicrotask/MutationObserver/setTimeout Since the first two lower version browsers do not support the use of setTimeout function runAsynctask (callback) {<!– –> // If the current browser supports queueMicortask, then queueMicrotask===’function’ is established and directly use queueMicortask to handle asynchronous if (typeof queueMicrotask === ‘function’) {<!– –> queueMicrotask(callback) //queueMicrotask is […]

Mybatis association query manually handles mapping relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many)

Data preparation Before proceeding with the elaboration, first create the project table and project record table The relationship between the tables is shown in the figure Create a data table through the following sql code CREATE TABLE `projects` ( `pid` int(2) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `pname` varchar(20) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci NOT NULL, `money` int(11) […]