Python practice | How to use Python to call API

**Table of contents of this article ** 1. Foreword 2. Call the Zhejiang Data Open Platform API to obtain data (1) Process of obtaining data by API (2) HTTP request (3) API parameters (4) Use the request library to obtain API data 3. Call Baidu Universal Translation API **4. **Summary This article has a total […]

Develop a fast Web API project with Python FastAPI

One of the many reasons why Python is so popular is that Python has a large selection of mature and stable libraries: Web development includes: Django and Flask, which provide a good web development experience and a lot of useful documentation Machine learning includes: scikit-learn, Keras, etc., which provide a wealth of machine learning packages […]

How to design an API interface

In actual work, we often need to deal with third-party platform interfaces, so do you know what an excellent API interface should look like? He should meet various requirements such as security, repeatable callability, stability, and good positioning issues. Signature what: A mechanism used to ensure data integrity and security to prevent tampering or forgery […]

Flask rapid prototype development and examples

Flask rapid prototyping development and examples Flask is a Python Web framework. Its main features are lightweight, easy to learn and use, and suitable for rapid development of prototypes of Web applications. Before starting a Flask application, you need to install Python and the Flask library in your local environment. Flask can be installed using […]

Python web framework rapid prototype development and examples is a lightweight Python web framework designed for rapid prototyping and production environments. Here are some best practices for rapid prototyping with Routing and URL design: Use’s routing system to define URL patterns and corresponding handlers. Define a unique URL for each feature or page and map it to the corresponding handler […]

Google’s high-performance open source framework gRPC: rapid construction and HTTP/2 packet capture

1. What is gRPC gRPC is a remote procedure call (rpc) open source framework initiated by Google, which can be written in any programming language in any language. gRPC is based on the HTTP/2 protocol and uses Protocol Buffers as the serialization tool. gRPC official website: RPC Remote Procedure Call, a remote procedure call […]

JDK8 features – new date and time API

Article directory Problem with old version date and time New Date Time API Common operations on date and time Date and time modification and comparison Formatting and parsing operations Instant class Calculate date time difference time corrector date time time zone Advantages of the new date and time API Problems with the old version of […]

SouhaohuoSearch by keyword for Souhao products API return value description

item_search-Search for good products by keywords souhaohuo.item_search enter the test page public parameters Name Type Required Description key String is call key (must be spliced into the URL in GET mode) secret String is call key api_name String is API interface name (included in the request address) [item_search, item_get, item_search_shop, etc.] cache String No [yes,no]The […]

20 lines of Python code to crawl Pinduoduo product details data api

Pinduoduo gets product details API based on ID pinduoduo.item_get Get product details pinduoduo.item_get_app Get app product details public parameters Request address: Name Type Required Description key String is call key (must be spliced into the URL in GET mode) secret String is call key api_name String is API interface name (included in the request […]