OpenWRT builds a personal web site and combines intranet penetration to achieve remote access to the public network

Article directory Preface 1. Check uhttpd installation 2. Deploy the web site 3. Install cpolar intranet penetration 4. Configure remote access address 5. Configure fixed remote address Foreword uhttpd is a web server written from scratch by OpenWrt/LuCI developers. It aims to become an excellent, stable, lightweight task HTTP server suitable for embedded devices, and […]

Exploring Vue data binding: why data must be a function instead of an object?

Jiangcheng Cheerful Pea: Personal homepage Personal column :《VUE》《javaScript》 Personal website : “Jiangcheng Cheerful Pea” The ideal of life is for an ideal life! Table of Contents ? Column introduction Article introduction 1. The difference between instance and component definition data 2. The difference between component data definition functions and objects 3. Principle analysis 4. Conclusion […]

Android Practice Manual-Will ViewBinding cause memory leaks?

Click to jump=>100 examples of Unity3D special effects Click to jump=>Case project actual source code Click to jump=>Game Script-Assisted Automation Click to jump=>Android Control Complete Manual Click to jump=>Scratch programming case Click to jump=>Full series of soft exams About the author Focus onAndroid/Unity and various game development skills, andVarious resource sharing (websites, tools, materials, source […]

Database|Binlog troubleshooting: drainer strikes periodically

Table of Contents 1. Background 2. Fault phenomenon 3. Analysis process 4. Solution 5. Thinking 6. Summary 1. Background Recently, users have reported that the drainer of our production environment TiDB cluster frequently fails. Failures manifest as service crashes and failure to start, or data being lost during operation, which brings great trouble to our […]

Pre-middle and post-order traversal (recursive and non-recursive) and level-order traversal of binary trees

Pre-middle and post-order traversal (recursive and non-recursive) and level-order traversal of binary trees Article directory Pre-middle and post-order traversal (recursive and non-recursive) and level-order traversal of binary trees Preface 1. Recursive implementation 1. Preorder traversal 2. In-order traversal 3. Post-order traversal 2. Non-recursive implementation 1. Preorder traversal 2. In-order traversal 3. Postorder traversal 3. Layer […]

[C language data structure——Binary tree]

Article directory Article directory 1. What is a tree? tree definition tree type tree depth Basic terminology for trees 2. Full binary tree definition Characteristics of a full binary tree 3. Complete binary tree definition Features 4. Properties of binary trees 5. Storage structure of binary tree sequential storage structure chain storage structure 6. Basic […]

Exclusive and original! The sparrow optimization algorithm that combines northern goshawk and adaptive t distribution has excellent results! Highly recommended product! MATLAB code…

Statement: Resale and reselling of the author’s original code is prohibited, and violators will be prosecuted! The sparrow search algorithm (SSA) was proposed in 2020 and has been widely used in many fields. The design of the Sparrow algorithm is inspired by the biological characteristics of birds. The mathematical model established based on the foraging […]

Open BinLog and connect to the virtual machine canal

Tip: After the article is written, the table of contents can be automatically generated. For how to generate it, please refer to the help document on the right. Article directory 1. What is canal? Canal working principle 2. Usage steps 1. Use docker to create a database container 2. Turn on binlog mode 3. Canal […]

[Filter Tracking] Based on probability hypothesis density combined with extended Kalman filter PHD-EKF to achieve multi-objective state estimation with matlab code…

?About the author: A Matlab simulation developer who loves scientific research. He cultivates his mind and improves his technology simultaneously. For code acquisition, paper reproduction and scientific research simulation cooperation, please send a private message. Personal homepage: Matlab Research Studio Personal credo: Investigate things to gain knowledge. For more complete Matlab code and simulation customization […]