Python3 operating file series (2): file data reading and writing | binary data reading and writing

Python3 operating file series (1): Three ways to determine whether a file|directory exists Python3 operating file series (2): file data reading and writing | binary data reading and writing Python3 data file reading and writing Python3 file operation series (3): reading and writing data from excel files One: File data|Binary data reading and writing import […]

Lesson 7 Binary Heap, Binary Search Tree

Article directory Lesson 7 Binary Heap, Binary Search Tree lc23. Merge k ascending linked lists–difficult Question description Code display lc239. Sliding window maximum value–difficulty Question description Code display LC355. Designing Twitter–Medium Question description Code display lc701. Insertion operation in binary search tree–medium Question description Code display LC interview question 0406. Successor–medium Question description Code display […]

Mysql bin-log log recovery data and physical backup-xtrabackup

Focus on data backup and recovery binlog and xtarbackup bin-log log recovery Enable bin-log configuration bin-log log recovery Physical backup-xtrabackup Three backup methods Install xtrabackup backup Full backup incremental backup differential backup bin-log log recovery The bin-log log records the operations performed on the database. All additions, deletions, and modifications are in the bin-log log. […]

The principle of two-way binding in Vue2.0

1. Several ways to implement two-way binding At present, several mainstream mvc (vm) frameworks have implemented one-way data binding, and what I understand as two-way data binding is nothing more than adding input elements (input, textare, etc.) on the basis of one-way binding. The change(input) event is not very advanced to dynamically modify the model […]

Vue source code (1) Understand the two-way binding principle of vue2 and vue3 in this article

Principle design ideas of Vue responsive data Cross truth: **Data hijacking + Publish-Subscribe model Vue two-way data binding is through data hijacking combined with the publish-subscribe model. Achieveds. That is to say, the data and the view are synchronized. When the data changes, the view changes accordingly. When the view changes, the data changes accordingly. […]

3.1.OpenCV skill tree–binary image processing–threshold

Article directory 1. Source of article content 2. Threshold segmentation 2.1. Simple threshold segmentation 2.1.1. Introduction to the principle of simple threshold segmentation 2.1.2. Simple threshold segmentation core code 2.1.3. Display of simple threshold segmentation effect 2.2. Adaptive threshold segmentation 2.2.1. Introduction to the principle of adaptive threshold segmentation 2.2.2. Adaptive threshold segmentation core code […]

Behavior system for binding animation in unity

The main code logic is to create an action queue, remove the head of the queue when the animation ends, and execute subsequent events. public class Enemy : MonoBehaviour { public event Action E_AnimatorFin;//When the animation is finished playing public Action DefaultAction; //Default event public Dictionary<Action, string> EventAnimator= new();//Animation corresponding to Event public List<Action> Eventlist=new();//List […]

Go Gin Gorm Casbin permission management implementation – 3. Implement Gin authentication middleware

Article directory 0. Background 1. Preparation 2. gin middleware 2.1 Middleware code 2.2 Use of middleware 2.3 Test the results of middleware usage 3. Add permission management API 3.1 Get all users 3.2 Get all role groups 3.3 Get the policies of all role groups 3.4 Modify role group policy 3.5 Delete role group policy […]