3Spring Boot 3 integrates mybatis-plus+druid+mysql

Directory 【3】Spring Boot 3 integrated components: Druid + Mybatis Plus + Mysql integration solution 1. Hikari + jdbc + mysql integration solution increase dependency Add configuration Spring Testng test cases 2. Druid + Mybatis Plus + Mysql integration solution 2.1 Configure Druid Add dependencies Configuration Start Spring Boot Web Starter Spring Testng test cases 2.2 […]

React technical principles and code development practice: from React Bootstrap to Semantic UI

1. Background Introduction React is one of the hottest front-end JavaScript frameworks currently. Its main advantages are simplicity, flexibility and performance. This article will combine my own research experience and work summary to share how to better understand and master some features and technical details of React. React has become a mainstream front-end UI framework, […]

Springboot java introduces Mqtt to receive and send messages under the framework of the front and back separation version

This is just one of them, and it is a superficial method of receiving and sending messages. The synchronization mechanism needs to be communicated and confirmed with colleagues engaged in the Internet of Things to see if it can be implemented. Or if there are many devices, the synchronization mechanism will not be used. First, […]

Design and implementation of information technology knowledge contest system based on SpringBoot

Table of Contents Preface 1. Technology stack 2. Introduction to system functions User information management Learn video management Announcement type management Announcement information management 3. Core code 1. Login module 2. File upload module 3. Code encapsulation 4. Conclusion Foreword Firstly, it takes a lot of time to manage information using traditional methods. Secondly, the […]

SpringBoot integrates Ldap–super detailed method explanation

LADP Overview LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services. Directory service is a service for storing and retrieving information. It is usually used to store user information, organizational structure, network equipment and other data within an organization. LDAP is a lightweight protocol designed for lookup and […]

SpringBoot 2 ways to quickly implement sub-database and sub-table

This article is the third article in the series “Principles and Practice of ShardingSphere5. In code> environment, sub-database and table can be quickly realized through JAVA encoding and Yml configuration. 1. What is ShardingSphere? shardingsphere is an open source distributed relational database middleware and is the top-level project of Apache. Its predecessor was two independent […]

SpringBoot: SpEL makes complex permission control easy!

The path to growth as a programmer Internet/Programmer/Technology/Data Sharing focus on This article should take approximately 6 minutes to read. From: juejin.cn/post/7226674759626571833 1 Introduction 2 SpEL expression 3 Let’s do it Custom annotations Define aspects 4 Permission verification First, introduce SpEL: Then, get the expression we need from the annotation. Expression parsing Custom parsing method […]

SpringBoot integrates Dubbo and Nacos

1. Overview Dubbo is a high-performance, lightweight open source distributed service framework, which was early open sourced by Alibaba. It provides distributed service management functions such as service registration, discovery, invocation and load balancing, which provides great convenience for distributed development. The core concepts of dubbo include: Provider (consumer provider), Consumer (service consumer), Registry (registration […]