Use Maven to quickly integrate and build and develop JavaFX for desktop application development

Purpose: Don’t step on the pit you have stepped on once Nanny-level tutorials, package education package meeting With this method, you don’t need to worry about manually configuring the jar package every time, and you don’t need to worry about the VM parameter –module-path of the startup class. With this method, you don’t need to […]

Use go language to build blockchain Part3. Persistence and command line interface

English source address Introduction So far, we have built a blockchain with a proof-of-work system, which makes mining possible. Our implementation is getting closer to a fully functional blockchain. But it still lacks some important functionality. Today we will start storing the blockchain in a database, after which we will implement a simple command line […]

Jenkins+GitLab+Docker builds front-end automation build mirror container deployment (no local certificate, mapping certificate)

Foreword Need to install the environment and knowledge points in advance: 1. Docker construction and basic operation 2. DockerFile file description 3. Jenkins construction and basic points Purpose: Package our front-end project into a mirror container and automatically publish and deploy it, which can be accessed by pull at any time 1. Manually deploy images […]

Detailed documentation for using docker to build a SpringCloud environment

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Preparation 3. Create a Docker Compose file Fourth, create a Spring Cloud project 5. Build and run Spring Cloud applications Six, detailed explanation 1. Docker Compose file 2. Spring Cloud project configuration 3. Build and run the application 4. Precautions 7. Summary 1. Introduction Spring Cloud is a microservice […]

[Server] Android phones use Termux to build web services

Yan-yingjie’s homepage Awareness of the past is not admonishment, but knowledge of the future can be traced C++ Programmer, 2024 Electronic Information Graduate Directory overview 1. Build apache 2. Install cpolar intranet penetration 3. Public network access configuration 4. Fixed public network address 5. Add a site Overview Termux is an Android terminal emulation application, […]

Orange Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 4B build K8S cluster practice six: App service deployment

Directory 1. Description 1.1 Regarding the WebApp of the PHP + Nginx system, two deployment modes will be practiced here: 1.2 Configuration list 2. WebApp deployment of PHP + Nginx system 2.1 Single-node multi-container mode A 2.1.1 Preparations 2.2.2 Deployment 2.2.3 Access Effect 2.2 Multi-node single container mode B 2.2.1 Preparations 2.2 Configure virtual host […]

SpringBoot + Docker implements a build and runs everywhere

1. Benefits of containerized deployment As an emerging virtualization method, Docker can make more efficient use of system resources without requiring additional overhead such as hardware virtualization and running a complete operating system. Traditional virtual machine technology often takes several minutes to start application services, but Docker container applications can achieve second-level or even millisecond-level […]