The front-end custom export function (wheel) does not need to call the back-end interface

requirement background Our project will always encounter this kind of export table data function. For example, which table is checked, click Export, when exporting excel data, only the checked data will be exported, and when it is not checked, all data will be exported. We follow the normal logic. That is to say, it is […]

Refactor function call – Introduce Parameter Object introduce parameter object nine

Refactoring function call-Introduce Parameter Object introduces parameter object nine 1. Introduce parameter object 1.1. Usage scenarios Certain parameters always appear naturally together. replace these parameters with an object You’ll often see a certain set of parameters always being passed together. There may be several functions that use this set of parameters, and these functions may […]

Graphical redis RDB persistence

1. Introduction 1.1 Why Redis is a key-value pair database server. The server usually contains any non-empty database, and each non-empty database can contain any key-value pair. For convenience, we collectively refer to the non-empty databases in the server and their key-value pairs as the database state The following figure shows a Redis server that […]

Python practical application explanation-[numpy special topic] numpy application case (1) (with python sample code)

Directory Analyzing the sale price of a used car with Python Pencil sketches for building GUI applications in Python package needed Implementation steps full code Using Python to analyze the sales price of used cars Today, with advancements in technology, techniques like machine learning are being applied at scale in many organizations. These models usually […]

Executable Case of Non-Local Network under the Mindspore Framework

Executable case download: Non-Local notebook NonLocal “Non-local Neural Networks” was published in CVPR2018 as a method for processing action classification. Introduction to algorithm principles Figure 1 nonlocal_block NonLocal is a flexible building block that can be easily used with convolutional/recurrent layers. It can be added to the front part of the deep neural network, unlike […]

Circle equal division coordinate calculation program (calculation optimization without floating point calculation)

Circle equal division coordinate calculation program mathematical principles programming Make a table of trigonometric functions Calculate coordinates demo program Principles of mathematics Assume that the circle N with a radius of R is equally divided. The index k starts at 12 o’clock and is arranged clockwise, then each coordinate point The general calculation formula is: […]

Java implements the Session class similar to the python requests package, and automatically manages cookies.

1. In py, the and get() functions automatically generate an instance of the Session class inside that function, so if the requests, post and get functions want to do things that can only be done after logging in, they need to be added cookie or write the cookie in the headers. If you want […]