C++ MATLAB mixed programming – VS project calls MATLAB function DLL

Tag: C++ MATLAB Hybrid Programming VS Calling MATLAB Function Introduction MATLAB is undoubtedly a powerful matrix operation and data analysis software, which integrates many functions inside. It will bring great convenience to our data analysis research if we can call related functions when programming in C++. Here is a summary of how to call MATLAB […]

HttpClient remote call tool class

Article directory foreword 1. HttpClient tool class 2. Use steps 1. Import library Foreword Reminder: The current tool class get method cannot pass paging data, you can tamper with it yourself, if not, use the post method haha~~ Reminder: The following is the text of this article, the following case is for reference 1. HttpClient […]

Two JS handwriting questions a day—manually implement the call, apply, and bind functions in JS

Functions in JavaScript are first-class citizens and can be passed around and used like ordinary variables. This flexibility allows functions to be used in various scenarios, such as invocation of object methods, creation of constructors, and prototypal inheritance. During the use of functions, call, apply, bind are some of the more commonly used methods in […]

How to dynamically refresh the configuration of SpringBoot (scheme)

For microservices, configuration localization is a big problem. It is impossible to restart the service every time you need to change the configuration. Therefore, the final solution is to externalize the configuration and host it on a platform to achieve unnecessary Restart the service to modify multiple valid purposes at once. But for the Spring […]

Java calls kettle to put ktr/xml file

Hello everyone, I have recently encountered a rather difficult problem, which is to implement update and insert, which means that when executing SQL, update and insert SQL syntax does have this function on duplicate key update but this kind of requirement is primary key or unique index Too limited, my business is relatively complicated, so […]

Netty calls System.exit(n) to exit the application after a certain number of retries (2)

============================== System.exit() method ================= ============== Prototype: System.exit(int status) Its function is mainly to call Runtime.getRuntime().exit(status); The function is to terminate the currently running Java virtual machine. This status indicates the exit status code, and non-zero indicates abnormal termination. (You can return a call return code to the caller of other processes to adopt different strategies […]

How to dynamically refresh the configuration of SpringBoot (custom)

The custom part of this article includes 1. Custom refresh event (with RefreshScope to achieve automatic refresh) 2. Force refresh the context (restart the entire ApplicationContext) 3. Implement Http interface loading of configuration files (similar to Nacos) Custom refresh event (with RefreshScope to achieve automatic refresh) Manual refresh of configuration based on org.springframework.cloud.context.config.annotation.RefreshScope Spring uses […]

How to scientifically develop a Node addon

In my last article about NAPI, I introduced how I converted a C library into a node addon as a novice. This article mainly conducts systematic study and practice on node addon. What are Addons Simply put, node.js is written in C++, so you can increase the capabilities of node through dynamic libraries (dll dylib). […]