Little tadpoles looking for mother: Python’s scope chain and LEGB principle

Article directory refer to describe scope object global scope globals() local scope locals() contains scope built-in scope builtins module builtins module with \_\_builtins__ builtins is \_\_builtins__? \_\_builtins__ and built-in scopes The irreplaceable \_\_builtins__ scope chain Scope chains and the LEGB principle The method of jumping over the wall in a hurry Reference Project Description Python […]

Use go language to build blockchain Part3. Persistence and command line interface

English source address Introduction So far, we have built a blockchain with a proof-of-work system, which makes mining possible. Our implementation is getting closer to a fully functional blockchain. But it still lacks some important functionality. Today we will start storing the blockchain in a database, after which we will implement a simple command line […]

[Data structure] Binary tree sequence structure, realization of chain structure, traversal of binary tree (preorder, inorder, postorder, layer order)

Article directory 1. Binary tree structure implementation 1.1 Realization of sequence structure 1.2 Realization of chain structure 2. The concept and introduction of the heap 3. Binary tree traversal 3.1 Preorder traversal 3.2 Inorder traversal 3.3 Post-order traversal 3.4 Layer order traversal 1. Implementation of binary tree structure 1.1 Realization of sequence structure In the […]

“Chain Of Responsibility” implemented in Swift

Chain of Responsibility concept Example: Business Scenario 1 Example: Business Scenario 2 Concept The Chain of Responsibility Pattern (Chain of Responsibility Pattern) is a behavioral design pattern used to continuously pass a task to multiple processors until it is processed. In Swift, you can implement the Chain of Responsibility pattern using classes. Example: Business Scenario […]

Chain storage implementation of queue

Article directory Chain storage implementation of queue 2. Implementation process 1. Conceptual diagram of chain queue (with head node): 2. Chain queue structure: 3. Basic operation of the queue 4. Code implementation: Chain storage implementation of queue Chained queue: A queue implemented in the form of a linked list. The linked list node is the […]

Realize a ChatBlog with LangChain

Article directory foreword environment 1. Build a knowledge base 2. Vectorize the knowledge base 3. Recall 4. Use LLM for reading comprehension 5. Effect Summarize Foreword Through this article, you will learn how to use langchain to build your own Knowledge Base Q&A In fact, the principles of most chatpdf products are similar, and I […]

Implementing component enhancements for the Chain of Responsibility pattern using custom annotations and @Aspect

Chain of responsibility model Chain of Responsibility pattern is a behavioral design pattern that decouples the sender and receiver of requests so that requests can be organized and processed flexibly. It works by passing and processing requests along a chain of processors until a processor is able to handle the request or the end of […]

Data structure | Chained binary tree (C language)

1. Data structure definition 1. Chained binary tree /* chained binary tree definition */ typedef char TreeType; typedef struct BinaryTreeNode { TreeType data; struct BinaryTreeNode* lchild, * rchild; }*BiTree, BiTNode; The structure of the binary tree in this code is shown in the figure below, which can be expressed as ABD##E#H##CF##G## 2. Chained stack /* […]