Build an industry knowledge base based on LangChain+ChatGLM2-6B+embedding

Purpose: Recently, I have been exploring large model localization deployment + knowledge base to implement industry solutions, record the installation process, and share it with students who need it. It is very important to determine the version of each component before installation to avoid repeated installations. After reviewing a large amount of information, it can […]

Application case of chain stack: expression evaluation

There is a complete code at the end of the article. Readers who have questions can discuss it together in the comment area, or they can communicate and learn together through private messages. 1: Question requirements Case Analysis Any expression is composed of operands, operators and delimiters, collectively called words. Generally, the operand can be […]

[Data structure] Sequential stack and chain stack (detailed explanation with diagram)

Article directory 1. What is a stack? 1.1 Purpose of stack 2. Stack structure and basic operations 3. Implementation details of the stack 3.1 Sequential stack 3.1.1 Stack initialization 3.1.2 Pushing elements onto the stack 3.1.3 Pop elements from the stack 3.1.4 Get the top element of the stack 3.1.5 Determine whether the stack is […]

Rome, a new generation of front-end tool chain: revolutionizing front-end development

In the field of front-end development, various new tools and frameworks are emerging every moment. Rome, as a new generation of front-end tool chain, has attracted widespread attention and heated discussions. It not only provides excellent performance, but also integrates a variety of powerful features to make front-end development more efficient. This article will provide […]

Fabric: Using InvokeChaincode to achieve cross-channel data access

Because I encountered some problems at work, I considered using Fabric’s cross-channel chain code calling method InvokeChaincode() to solve them. This article mainly records the following usage process of InvokeChaincode() and the problems encountered in the Fabric test network. 1 Preparation 1.1 Understanding InvokeChaincode The function of InvokeChaincode is to call the specified chain code. […]

Binary tree (chained structure storage)

Personal business card: About the author: A sophomore student who is willing to share what he has learned on the road of study. Personal homepage: GOTXX Personal WeChat: ILXOXVJEThis article is original by GOTXX and first published on CSDN Column series: Learning C language from scratch —– The road to learning data structuresWord of the […]

cross compile toolchain on ubuntu 2204

#!/bin/bash ##———————————————— ————- ## Configuration variables ##———————————————— ————- root_dir=”/home/prometheus/module-test/cross-compile” target=”powerpc-eabi” clean_install=true build_binutils=true build_gcc_static=true build_newlib=true build_gcc=true # gcc dependency isl_tar_link=”″ mpfr_tar_link=”″ mpc_tar_link=”” gmp_tar_link=”″ # use gcc492, confirmed ok binutils_tar_link=”” #binutils_tar_link=”” #gcc_tar_link=”” gcc_tar_link=”” newlib_tar_link=”” ##———————————————— ————- ## Function definitions ##———————————————— ————- function announce {<!– –> now=$(date + “%T”) echo echo “[$now] $1” echo } pushd () {<!– […]

The web3 React dapp project gets canceled and completed and all order data from the blockchain through events and stores them in redux.

Okay, above, web3 uses antd to build the basic structure of the order component in the React dapp. We have demonstrated a basic order component. Then let’s continue and start with the environment. ganache terminal run ganache -d MetaMask Log in Then open the project and publish the contract truffle migrate –reset Then run the […]