[Java IO stream – Special offer for Mid-Autumn Festival] Classification of streams, API usage, file operations

Blogger: _LJaXi Column: Java | From cross-platform to cross-industry Development tools: IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2022.3.3 Java IO stream Mid-Autumn Festival special offer Java Io what is flow Classification of flows file byte input stream 1. Conditional loop solution 1 (2) Read characteristics 2. Array storage solution file byte output stream Output stream construction method […]

GNN+Encrypted Traffic CVT-GAT: A Novel VPN Encrypted Traffic Classification Model Based on GAT

Article directory Introduction to the paper Summary Problems Paper contribution 1. Method 2. Experiment Summarize tool data set Introduction to the paper Original title: VT-GAT: A Novel VPN Encrypted Traffic Classification Model Based on Graph Attention Neural Network Chinese title: VT-GAT: A new VPN encrypted traffic classification model based on graph attention neural network Book […]

Classification model based on Bidirectional+GRU

Classification model based on Bidirectional + GRU Experimental environment Operating system: ubuntu 20.4.3 Running environment: Python 3.9 Framework environment: TensorFlow 2.6.0 Experimental data Training data set: 57680 Validation data set: 18003 Test data set: 14570 Model performance Training set performance: loss: 0.0892 – acc: 0.9637 Validation set performance: loss: 0.1428 – acc: 0.9475 Test set […]

[C++] Classification of constructors ③ (Method of calling a parameterized constructor | Parentheses method | Equal sign method)

Article directory 1. Create instance objects of classes in different memories 1. Calling the constructor using bracket method 2. Call the constructor using the equal sign method 2. Complete code example 1. Create instance objects of classes in different memories In the previous blog [C++] Constructor Classification ② (Create instance objects of a class in […]

[ElM Classification] Optimizing ElM neural network based on genetic algorithm to implement data classification with matlab code

?About the author: A Matlab simulation developer who loves scientific research. He cultivates his mind and improves his technology simultaneously. For cooperation on MATLAB projects, please send a private message. Personal homepage: Matlab Research Studio Personal credo: Investigate things to gain knowledge. For more complete Matlab code and simulation customization content, click Intelligent optimization algorithm […]

Scikit-Learn quickly generates classification data sets

Suppose you learn a new classification algorithm and want to explore it further and try different hyperparameters to evaluate the model performance, but the problem is that you can’t find a good data set for experiments. Fortunately, the make_classification() method provided by Scikit-Learn can create different types of data sets. It can generate different types […]

Back-end product classification display interface implementation

/** * Get all menu information * @return */ @GetMapping(“/findCategories”) public R findCategories(){<!– –> List<BigType> bigTypeList = bigTypeService.list(); for(BigType bigType:bigTypeList){<!– –> List<SmallType> smallTypeList = smallTypeService.list(new QueryWrapper<SmallType>().eq(“bigTypeId”, bigType.getId())); bigType.setSmallTypeList(smallTypeList); for(SmallType smallType:smallTypeList){<!– –> List<Product> productList = productService.list(new QueryWrapper<Product>().eq(“typeId”, smallType.getId())); smallType.setProductList(productList); } } Map<String,Object> map = new HashMap<>(); map.put(“message”,bigTypeList); return R.ok(map); } /* SQLyog Ultimate v11.33 (64 bit) […]

SG-Former in practice: Use SG-Former to implement image classification tasks (2)

Article directory Training Part Import libraries used by the project Set random factors Set global parameters Image preprocessing and enhancement Read data Set Loss Set up the model Set optimizer and learning rate adjustment strategy Set mixed precision, DP multi-card, EMA Define training and validation functions Training function Verification function Calling training and verification methods […]

SG-Former in action: Use SG-Former to implement image classification tasks (1)

Abstract SG-Former is a new Transformer model that is proposed to reduce the computational cost of the visual Transformer while maintaining its excellent performance. The reduction in computational cost enables SG-Former to handle large-scale feature maps more efficiently, thereby improving the efficiency and global awareness of the model. The core idea of SG-Former is to […]