PyQt5 implements clicking the button in the parent window to display the child window (window nesting function)

Abstract: In software, there is often a need to click a button to display a new sub-interface. This article introduces how to implement this function in PyQt5. The main knowledge point is “automatic binding of signal and slot functions “. Program Description: 1. Development environment: win10 system, pycharm2021, python3.7 2. Realized function: Excel file merge; […]

About using C# to call Win32API, grab third-party handles, simulate mouse clicks, and send keyboard events

Because the recent work needs to be used, I sorted out the basic knowledge The following examples, Win32 and self-encapsulated libraries are all in the project file Link: Extraction code: 6666 –Sharing from Baidu Netdisk Super Member V1 1 Install handle grabber SPY++ The tool I use is SPY++ If you don’t have this […]

Encapsulate the uniapp-uni-table component, get click row events, pass in custom table headers, pass in back-end data, and get multi-choice data (row click events are only available on the H5 end) with complete code

The function is as follows:↓ Pass the value as follows ↓ data() { return { tableParam: { type: “selection”, //Whether multiple selections are possible loading: false, //loading status operate: true, //whether to display the operation area header: [{ //header width: 90, text: “Location”, value: “local”, \t\t\t\t\t\t }, { width: 80, text: “Score”, value: “score”, }, […]

QT5/Pyqt5 configuration tools and image display, click the button to display the image, click the button to jump to the page, add slot function

1. pyqt5 configuration environment, add plug-ins (plug-ins include: calling qt5 in pycharm, converting .ui files into .py files) Please refer to the content of this big guy (19 messages) PyQt under Windows writes simple software and packages it_pyqt package_poetmilk’s Blog-CSDN Blog 2. Click tools in pycharm and then click qt_desinger in the plug-in (the first […]

Vue-element-admin clicks on the sidebar to refresh the current page

vue-element-admin clicks on the sidebar to refresh the current page Write the directory title here Vue-element-admin clicks on the sidebar to refresh the current page foreword 1. Refresh the entire routing page 2. Only refresh the nested routing page Foreword Before using the spa (single-page application) development model, users would re-request this page every time […]

Optimizing ClickHouse Star Schema Query Performance

Most data environments include two types of data objects, event-based objects and entity-based objects (including attributes or characteristics). The former is usually organized as a time series table, and the latter is usually based on ID tables and row storage. This type of model is called a star normalized model, which has high storage efficiency […]

Jenkins+Docker realizes one-click automatic deployment project

1. Install docker 2. Install Jenkins 3. System configuration 4. Create a task 5. Test Six, run the project This article implements the simplest and most comprehensive Jenkins + docker + springboot one-click automatic deployment project, with complete steps and less pitfalls. Environment: centos7 + git(gitee) Briefly describe the implementation steps: install jenkins on docker, […]

[LitCTF 2023] Click on the Flag to send it! (cookie forgery)

Just enter a name try admin But we found something in the cookie session: “eyJuYW1lIjoiYWRtaW4ifQ.ZGs1vw.7ikpuOhUtXxyB2UV-FH7UGIZkaE” Think of session forgery Let me talk about the role of session first: Since the http protocol is a stateless protocol, that is to say, the first request and the second request of the same user are completely irrelevant, but […]