[Transfer] crontab command script to run regularly

1. Introduction to crond crond is a daemon process under Linux that is used to periodically perform certain tasks or wait for processing certain events. It is similar to scheduled tasks under Windows. When the operating system is installed, this service tool will be installed by default and will start automatically. The crond process, the […]

Mastering the grep command: A complete guide to an efficient text search tool

Article directory introduction 1.1 What is grep command 1.2 The role and use of grep Basic usage 2.1 Introduction to regular expressions 2.2 Basic syntax of grep 2.3 Search text files 2.4 Search for files in a folder Advanced search options 3.1 Ignore case 3.2 Reverse matching 3.3 Output the number of matching lines 3.4 […]

Python Fire: Automatically generate command line interface

The command line program is the most commonly used way to write some gadgets. In order to make the command line program more flexible, we often set some parameters and let the program perform different functions according to the parameters. This eliminates the need to frequently modify the code to perform different functions. As the […]

gcc command analysis and application

Directory Preface 1. Use gcc to generate static libraries and dynamic libraries 1. Preparation 2. Create a static library from an .o file 3. Create dynamic library files from .o files 2. Generation and use of static library .a and .so library files 2.1Writing code 2.1 Generation and use of static library .a files 2.2 […]

Linux text processing three musketeers sed command

Linux text processing three musketeers sed command The three musketeers used by Linux to process text data are the grep command, the awk command and the sed command. Together with regular expressions, you can handle various common data requirements in text files. Generally speaking, the grep command tends to search, the sed command tends to […]

Give you a list of Git commands

Recently, I found a well-organized list of Git commands. I translated and shared it. Hurry and collect it and use it as your own little manual! (The original link is attached at the end of the article) 1. Configuration related (Configuration) # Initialize a new Git repository git init # Clone and create a local […]