React functional components use ref

React functional components use Ref React functional components use ref In React, ref can help us get instances of subcomponents or DOM objects UseRef const inputRef = useRef(init); useRef returns a mutable ref object whose .current property is initialized to the passed parameter (init). The returned ref object remains unchanged throughout its lifetime. Let’s see […]

[springboot] Springboot annotation configuration class add components

Article directory foreword First, the configuration class of springboot 2. @Bean annotation 1. Use @Bean annotation 2. Properties of @Bean 3. Singleton of @Bean 3. @Configuration attribute 3. Use spring commonly used annotations 1. @SpringBootApplication annotation on the startup class 2. @SpringBootApplication annotation attribute 4. Use @Import to add components 5. Use @ImportResource to import […]

react slots and HOC higher order components

react component slot Way of writing: <Table>Content</Table> //The react slot is in the content position of the custom component. This is done using slots: Encapsulating Simple Components: Using Slots in the Content Area <Tab num={11} content=”Data to be charged (pieces)”> <i className=”iconfont iconfont-xingqudingxiang”></i> </Tab> Use of slots: Slot content defaults to the props attribute. The […]

Manually build a cluster based on the original HADOOP components

HadoopClusterPlanning Before building a cluster, you need to do some preparatory planning in advance, including host planning, software planning, user planning, and directory planning. Before building the cluster, create an account and configure password-free login. Due to the enablement of the firewall, the firewall ports corresponding to each node need to be added and opened. […]

Exception handling components in SpringBoot

Summary of Java knowledge points: If you want to see it, you can enter it from here Table of Contents 1.8. Automatic exception handling 1.8.1. Response rules 1.8.2, error controller 1.8.3. View resolver 1.8.4, error attribute processing 1.8, automatic exception handling Spring Boot provides automatic configuration for exception handling through the configuration class ErrorMvcAutoConfiguration, which […]

Flutter components–basic use of Slivers

We consider a layout like this: a sliding view includes a header view (HeaderView), a list view (ListView), and a grid view (GridView). How can we make them achieve a unified sliding effect? It’s hard to do using the front scroll. There is a Widget in Flutter that can accomplish such a scrolling effect: CustomScrollView, […]