Super detailed analysis of Spring’s @Conditional annotation

Foreword The known @Conditional annotation is used to specify conditions that can be registered as a bean in the container. Then this article will combine the sample project, start from the source code, and analyze the following aspects of the @Conditional annotation. The timing of the @Conditional annotation; The execution order of Condition; The relationship […]

CF1740F Conditional Mix

CF1740F Conditional Mix The main idea of the topic has a positive integer no no n and a length of no no sequence of n a a a, 1 ≤ a i ≤ no 1\leq a_i\leq n 1≤ai?≤n. put each a i a_i ai? as a unary set { a i } \{a_i\} {ai?}, each […]

Principle and Implementation of Cross Attention in Multimodal Conditional Mechanism

Article directory Self Attention Multi-Head Attention Cross_MultiAttention Cross Attention main Multimodal Conditional Mechanism Cross Attention Principle: & amp;mid=2247486441 & amp;idx=1 & amp;sn=06df067828b19ef9aeef99f455f897e9 & amp;chksm=c337b670f4403f663f7b98a2aa75cb5062bf5a6222c81ce8f181d79d367971a4587b62da84a1#rd Self Attention class SelfAttention(nn.Module): def __init__(self, emb_dim): super(SelfAttention, self).__init__() self.emb_dim = emb_dim self.Wq = nn.Linear(emb_dim, emb_dim, bias=False) self.Wk = nn.Linear(emb_dim, emb_dim, bias=False) self.Wv = nn.Linear(emb_dim, emb_dim, bias=False) self.fc = nn.Linear(emb_dim, […]

springboot uses the aop aspect to process and query the request body received in different interfaces in a unified manner, and realize multi-condition paging query

Directory Description of Requirement Front-end ajax request call query interface example Preparation Introduce related dependencies Entity class controller layer service layer interface service layer implementation class mapper layer selectAll complex dynamic sql in mapper.xml control plane Tool class MyUtils General class DataVO Send a request to view the response result ajax request body response content […]

Vue3+node.js encapsulates MongoDB find, and the query object can be passed in to realize multi-condition, date and time range query

Not much nonsense, just dry goods, and the explanation is simple and easy to understand. Note: The focus is on front-end and back-end linkage to realize multi-field filtering search queries. The process is relatively complete from the back-end connection to the database to the front-end DOM component binding data. node>db>mongodb.js: connect to the database const […]

Refactoring conditions-Introduce Null Object introduces Null Object VII

Refactoring condition-Introduce Null Object introduces Null object seven 1. Introduce Null object 1.1. Usage scenarios You need to double-check whether an object is null. Replace null values with null objects. The most fundamental advantage of polymorphism is that you don’t have to ask the object “what type are you” and then call a certain behavior […]

gcc conditional compilation, structure and memory management

Suffixes supported by gcc .c C original program .C/.cc/.cxx C++ original program .m Objective-C original program .i preprocessed original C program .ii Preprocessed C++ original program .s/.S Assembly language original program .h preprocessing file (header file) .o object file .a/.so Compiled library files Basic usage and options of GCC The most basic usage of Gcc […]

Dart (2)–function & operator & conditional statement & exception

Article directory 1. Function 1. Define the function 1.1 => single-line expression 2. Parameters 2.1 {} named parameters 2.2 [] positional parameters 2.3 Parameter default values 3. Function passing 4. Anonymous functions Second, the operator 1. Arithmetic operators 2. Relational operators 3. Type judgment operator 4. Assignment operator 4.1 = nullable variable assignment 4.2 Other […]

Refactoring conditions – Remove Control Flag remove control flag four

Refactoring condition-Remove Control Flag removes control flag 4 1. Remove control tags 1.1. Usage scenarios In a sequence of Boolean expressions, a variable acts as a “control flag”. Replace control tags with break statements or return statements. In a series of conditional expressions, you will often see control flags to determine when to stop checking […]

Vue3 [conditional rendering, list rendering, state management by key, event processing, event parameters, event modifiers, array change detection] (2) – comprehensive detailed explanation (learning summary — from entry to deepening)

About the author: Hello everyone, I am Xiaotong, a Java development engineer, a CSDN blogger, and a new star creator in the Java field Series of columns: Front-end, Java, Java Middleware Encyclopedia, WeChat Mini Program, WeChat Payment, Ruoyi Framework, Spring Family Bucket If there are any mistakes in the knowledge points of the article, please […]