[Linux library management tool] In-depth analysis of the integration and application of pkg-config and CMake

Directory title 1. Introduction 1.1 The importance of `pkg-config` 1.2 Article goals and readers 2. `pkg-config` basics 2.1 Principle work process Function and purpose 2.2 Related commands `pkg-config –cflags` `pkg-config –libs` `pkg-config –list-all` `pkg-config –modversion` Other commonly used commands 2.3 Environment variables `PKG_CONFIG_PATH` `PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR` `PKG_CONFIG_ALLOW_SYSTEM_CFLAGS` and `PKG_CONFIG_ALLOW_SYSTEM_LIBS` 3. `.pc` file analysis 3.1 `.pc` file structure […]

Simple implementation to set Android properties through gradle configuration

In the morning, requests for this brick came one by one. The boss asked for a packaging date above the version number. He did not ask for too much detail, just accurate to the day. emmm? This obviously cannot be changed manually. Based on physical experience, whether it is manual packaging or configuring the packaging […]

Tomcat configuration in Eclipse

1. JDK1.8 installation and environment variable configuration 1.1 Enter the official website to download https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase/javase-jdk8-downloads.html You need to log in to download 1.2 Installation 1.2.1 Install jdk on drive D. Do not include Chinese characters or spaces in the installation path 1.3 Configuring environment variables 1.3.1 Enter file management, select this computer, right-click and select […]

Centos8 installs docker and configures Kali Linux graphical interface

Since there is currently no complete and easy-to-use tutorial on docker installation of kali + desktop connection on the Internet, I want to make one. Preparation Wow, the image provided by this server provider is really pure, so pure that there is nothing in it. Question 1: There is a problem with Centos8 source Error: […]

Microservice Redis distributed lock is configured to use annotations (AOP)

In a distributed system, because each process or machine is independent, they cannot share the same lock, so some methods are needed to achieve lock coordination. The Redis distributed lock is a distributed lock algorithm implemented based on Redis, which allows multiple processes or machines to safely share the same lock, thereby coordinating their execution […]

[Microservices] 6. Nacos configuration management

6.1 Nacos implements configuration management Hot update of configuration changes Create a new configuration management on the left side of nacos Data ID: It is the name of the configuration file. General naming rules: service name-environment name.yaml Fill in the configuration content: Configuration that requires hot update Profile id: [service name]-[profile].[suffix] Grouping, default is enough […]

[SpringSecurity] Case Study of Sangencaotang Project 1 – Environment Configuration and Preparation

Directory Certification Security complete workflow Certification process All dependencies that need to be added Preparation redis serialization and deserialization unified response JWT redis cache class web tools Entity class Create table and mysql link Authentication Security complete workflow UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter: Responsible for processing the login request after we fill in the username and password on the […]

SpringBoot integrates quartz (self-starting job — database configurable version)

First import the configuration class (project startup preloading) Background: After the project is started, SpringBoot implements configurable job tasks through database configuration. The current function is semi-automatic. If you change the database configuration information, you need to restart the service. SpringBoot integrates quartz (supports multi-tasking and job, supports spring management) Framework: SpringBoot + quartz Required […]

Application environment configuration of deployment services in K8S cluster

Microservice project sangomall application environment configuration instructions 1. Application environment configuration file creation You can create multiple application.properties or application.yml files and activate them through key configurations, such as test environment and production environment. 1.1 Create development environment (dev) Name: application-dev.properties Activation method: Add activation usage in application.properties spring.profiles.active=dev You can also add it when […]