Socket creation and connection

1. Define Socket status, /** * @Description: The status of the Socket connection */ public interface SocketStatus { /** * disconnected */ int SOCKET_DISCONNECTED = 0; /** * connecting */ int SOCKET_CONNECTING = 1; /** * connected */ int SOCKET_CONNECTED = 2; /** * Disconnecting */ int SOCKET_DISCONNECTING = 3; } 2. Create a […]

JDBC – Java Database Connection

Article directory 1. Database Tools 2. JDBC – Java Database Connection 3. Execute the DML statement Fourth, execute the DQL statement 5. Association query 6. Execute precompiled SQL statements Seven, SELECT statement 8. Practice creating a table: student1 9. Insert 100 pieces of data into the student1 table 10. Delete the student whose name is […]

No 3. Integrate Druid MySql data connection pool

No 3. Integrate Druid MySql data connection pool Reference: 1. Add dependencies <!– Ali database connection pool –> <dependency> <groupId></groupId> <artifactId>druid-spring-boot-starter</artifactId> <version>1.1.22</version> </dependency> 2. Configure connection pool monitoring html Access link: 2.1 Bean configuration Update: server.port=9527 # =======ali mysql datasource ========================# # ================================ MySQL ================= ==================================================== =========== spring.datasource.url = jdbc:mysql:// […]

OpenAI loses another “king bomb”: ChatGPT “seal” is lifted, and it can be connected to the Internet and searched!

Organize | Tu Min Zheng Liyuan Produced | CSDN (ID: CSDNnews) “Scattered flowers gradually become charming eyes”, in the new day, OpenAI once again throws out the “king bomb”: ChatGPT launched a plug-in function, which can not only connect to the Internet, but also open the search, and can also execute code and run calculations… […]

Windows | Add the KDE Connect device to the file right-click menu Send to, and quickly send files to the device

Article directory 1. Introduction 2. Relevant basis 1. kdeconnect-cli command 2. Send to option in the right-click menu of the file 3. Hide the command line window when running with vbs 3. Write VBS scripts 4. Hide format extension and modify icon 1. Introduction KDE Connect is a cross-platform interconnection open source tool for Linux, […]

Full disclosure! Linux system directory and network connection for the perfect landing of big data from 0 to 1

Introduction to Linux Directory Directory Description Table of Contents Description, Description / The root directory of Linux /bin binaries, the directory for storing system commands, all users can execute /sbin super user binaries, save commands related to system environment settings, only super users can use these commands, some commands can allow ordinary users to view […]

Deploy Dubbo3 service to k8s and connect to Istio’s traffic management system (Sidecar mode)

Dubbo version: Dubbo3 lab environment: k8s version: 1.17.6 istio version: 1.7.3 1. Preparation of resource objects 1. Create an independent namespace and enable sidecar automatic injection apiVersion: v1 kind:Namespace metadata: name: dubbo-demo labels: istio-injection: enable #Open sidecar automatic injection 2. Deploy the producer V1 (provider-v1) Producer V1 service apiVersion: v1 kind: Service metadata: name: dubbo-samples-mesh-provider […]

[Database JDBC] Establish a connection between the database and java code

Foreword: Hello everyone, I am Liangchen, JDBC is called Java Database Connectivity, which can be called Java Database Connectivity. It can connect java code with sql statement. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s slowly learn the related operations of JDBC. Personal homepage: Good day needle does not poke Column: Database Inspirational statement: Life may make us bruised […]