Springboot2.x integrated lettuce connection redis cluster reports timeout exception Command timed out after 6 second(s)

Original/Zhu Jiqian Background: Recently, I was doing a stress test on a newly developed Springboot system. I found that when I first started the stress test, I could access data from the redis cluster normally. However, after a few minutes of pause, and then when I continued to use jmeter to perform the stress test, […]

Analysis and application of connection pool in Python

Connection Pool (Connection Pool) stores network connections as objects in memory during system initialization. When the user needs to connect, an established empty connection object is taken from the connection pool and the connection is not closed after use. , put the connection back into the connection pool without having to frequently create and close […]

Practice test of millions of concurrent connections 01

The main purpose is to record a test of one million concurrent connections using the multi-channel IO multiplexing network programming skills of epoll + reactor learned earlier. This article is mainly about implementation and does not use complex data structures. The second part will use some data structure optimization. Code Just use a slightly modified […]

Network connection between k8s pods

k8s cluster: linode k8s cluster, one master and two slaves. The test takes busybox using wget to access nginxindex as an example. Kubectl connects k8s cluster Import configuration file information into local kubectl export KUBECONFIG=/path/to/your/kubeconfig.yaml Test 1. Access between pods in the same namespace Create busybox in the default namespace kubectl run -it –image busybox:1.28.4 […]

Python connection to MySQL database programming

Database programming is a critical part of interacting with the database and managing data in your application. MySQL is a popular relational database management system (RDBMS), and MySQL database programming is relatively easy in Python. This article introduces how to use Python for MySQL database programming, including operations such as connecting to the database, executing […]

Django file configuration, request object, connection to MySQL, ORM

Article directory Django static files and related configurations Static file preface Static file related configuration form form request object request request result GET request POST request pycharm connects to database Django connects to MySQL Introduction to Django ORM Django static files and related configuration In this blog I will introduce relevant knowledge through a user […]

01-PostgreSQL installation and remote connection

1. Windows installation PostgreSQL ①:Download 1. Official website download Address: https://www.postgresql.org/download/ Choose the corresponding system Click to download Select the version to download (I downloaded version 14.X here) Download completed 2. Network disk download Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1u3ZcgWb6Woh_0n0ZV2PG9A?pwd=Coke Extraction code: Coke ②: Installation 1. You can first create two folders to store the installation directory and data […]