Teach you step by step how to implement the producer-consumer model

?Yin’s Blog | Yin’s Blog (yinkai.cc), welcome to my blog to read. This article will introduce you to the definition, characteristics, and processes of the producer-consumer model, and take you step by step to implement the producer-consumer model. 1. Introduction The producer-consumer pattern is a concurrency design pattern used to solve the collaboration and data […]

KafkaConsumer consumption logic

Version: kafka-clients-2.0.1.jar Previously, I wanted to write a plug-in to modify the logic of the kafkaConsumer consumer and filter some messages based on headers. Therefore, we need to understand how kafkaConsumer pulls out consumption messages, and confirm whether filtering out messages before consumption will have any impact. The following is the relevant source code, explained […]

Analysis of consumer reviews of clothing products based on sentiment analysis + cluster analysis + LDA topic analysis

?♂? Personal homepage: @ aiperson’s personal homepage ?About the author: Python learner I hope everyone will support us and we will make progress together! If the article is helpful to you, Welcome to comment Like Collection Add follow + Table of Contents 1.Project background 2. Introduction to data sets 3.Technical Tools 4. Experimental process 4.1 […]

[Linux 1++] Threads (3) including producer-consumer model

Author’s homepage: Attack 1++ Column link: [1++ Linux] Article directory 1. Reentrancy and thread safety 2. Deadlock 3. Thread synchronization What is thread synchronization? How to achieve thread synchronization condition variable 4. Producer and consumer model 1. Basic components and concepts of the producer and consumer models One, reentrancy and thread safety Thread safety: Multiple […]

Doctran and LLM: A powerful combination for analyzing consumer complaints

Introduction In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses strive to effectively understand and resolve consumer complaints. Consumer complaints can reveal a wide range of issues, from product defects and poor customer service to billing errors and safety issues. They play a vital role in the feedback loop between a business and its customers (about a product, service […]

Kafka – 3.x Kafka consumer incomplete guide

Article directory Kafka consumption model Kakfa consumer workflow Overall consumer workflow consumer group principle Consumer group initialization process Detailed consumption process of consumer group Independent consumer case (subscription topic) Important parameters for consumers Kafka consumption model Kafka’s consumer uses pull mode to read data from the broker. Mode Advantages Disadvantages Push mode – Deliver messages […]

RabbitMQ consumer reliability

Table of Contents 1. Consumer confirmation 2. Failure retry mechanism 2.1. Failure handling strategy 3. Business idempotence 3.1. Unique message ID 3.2. Business judgment 3.3. Cover-up plan 1. Consumer Confirmation RabbitMQ provides a consumer confirmation mechanism (Consumer Acknowledgement). That is: when the consumer finishes processing the message, it should send a receipt to RabbitMQ to […]

Kafka-Java 4: Spring configures the strategy for Kafka consumers to submit Offset

1. Strategy for Kafka consumer to submit Offset The strategies for Kafka consumers to submit Offset are Automatically submit Offset: After the consumer pulls the message and before it is consumed by the consumer, the offset is automatically submitted directly. Automatic submission may lose data. For example, the offset of the message has been submitted […]

What are some ways to implement the producer-consumer pattern in concurrent programming?

Java all-round learning + interview guide: https://javaxiaobear.cn We mainly learn how to use wait/notify/Condition/BlockingQueue to implement the producer-consumer pattern. Producer-consumer model Let’s first take a look at what the producer-consumer pattern is. The producer-consumer pattern is a very common design pattern in programming and is widely used in scenarios such as decoupling and message queues. […]