matplotlib: Customization of chart auxiliary elements

Table of Contents Chapter Summary (Practice Example Summary) Reference line case (ax) Undirected annotation text case (using zip and writing methods) Case 1 (add annotation text to column chart) Case 2 Table case (pie chart) matplotlib writes mathematical expressions The syntax of fontdict={} Chapter Summary (Practice Example Summary) import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as […]

Protocol customization + Json serialization and deserialization

Article directory Protocol customization + Json serialization and deserialization 1. Let’s talk about the “agreement” again 1.1 Structured data 1.2 Serialization and Deserialization 2. Online calculator 2.1 Server 2.2 Protocol customization (1) Correct understanding of network sending and reading (2) Issues with protocol customization 2.3 Client 2.4 Code 3. Json implements serialization and deserialization 3.1 […]

New visual mission! ReVersion: Relation customization in image generation

Click the Card below and follow the “CVer” public account AI/CV heavy-duty information, delivered as soon as possible Click to enter->[Target Detection and Transformer] Communication Group New task: Relation Inversion This year, diffusion model and related personalization work are becoming more and more popular, such as DreamBooth, Textual Inversion, Custom Diffusion, etc. This type of […]

Process orchestration and visualization realize business customization, and the core business logic involves internal logical operations.

Translator’s Note# This is one of a series of articles written by Kevin Gosse, who works at Datadog, using C# to write a .NET analyzer. Only very few people in China understand and study the .NET analyzer. It is often used for APM (Application Performance Diagnostics), IDEs, diagnostic tools, such as Datadog’s APM, Visual Studio’s […]

unity Editor editor customization

Unity Editor editor customization Menu related parts windows pop-up window Inspector script Well-known plug-ins: Runtime Editor Add link description Odin – Inspector and Serializer Anyone can leave a message and share their learning experience. I only summarized it based on the official one. Content will be added later! menusortId EditorWindow Menu related parts The following […] core series 48 Identity identity model customization

1. Overview ASP.NET Core Identity provides a framework for managing and storing user accounts in ASP.NET Core applications. Individual user accounts are selected as the authentication mechanism when Identity is added to a project. By default, Identity can use the Entity Framework (EF) Core data model. This article describes how to customize the identity model. […]

Special customization for Valentine’s Day: dynamic love web pages written in multiple languages (complete code attached)

written in front Case 1: HTML + Three.js library Case 2: HTML + CSS + JavaScript Case 3: Python environment + Flask framework epilogue Write in front As the Chinese Valentine’s Day approaches, many people are looking for unique and memorable ways to express their love. In this digital age, combining creativity and technology, we […]