Reference the Lua interpreter in Visual Studio, compile the Lua source code, and execute the Lua script

Preface What is this article talking about Introduce lua interpreter in Visual Studio Use C++ to call Lua files What is this article suitable for Suitable for beginners beginner Lua Suitable for people who need to combine development of C/C++ and lua What is needed for this article Have a simple understanding of Lua syntax […]

This deep analysis of the execution process of SpringMVC will help you improve to a higher level immediately after reading it!

Follow the WeChat public account “Java Architecture Stack”, reply [Interview Collection], and immediately receive a full set of testing resources. Preface Hello everyone, I am Brother Qianfengwen. In the previous article, Brother Wen introduced the construction process of the SpringMVC entry case. I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the basic use of […]

Workflow Engine Design and Implementation · Task Blocking and Execution

In the previous article, when we talked about the task model, we mentioned blocking tasks, so how is this formed in the workflow? What is the relationship between blocking tasks and task models? Let’s do a simple analysis below. Here is still the simplest process as an example: Process definition Process Description node name display […]

Still confused about execution context and scope?

As a front-end worker, we must know how JavaScript is executed internally. That’s crucial to understanding execution context and scope, a step that cannot be skipped, whether it’s a job or an interview. Execution context Let’s look at the code first var foo = function () {<!– –> console.log(“foo1”) } foo() // foo1 var foo […]

Why onMeasure is executed twice

Under what circumstances will onMeasure be executed? Enter the measure method of View: void measure(){<!– –> boolean forceLayout = (mPrivateFlags & PFLAG_FORCE_LAYOUT) == PFLAG_FORCE_LAYOUT; boolean specChanged = widthMeasureSpec != mOldWidthMeasureSpec || heightMeasureSpec != mOldHeightMeasureSpec; boolean isSepcExactly = MeasureSpec.getMode(widthMeasureSpec) == MeasureSpec.EXACTLY & amp; & amp; MeasureSpec.getMode(heightMeasureSpec) == MeasureSpec.EXACTLY; boolean matchesSpecSize = getMeasuredWidth() == MeasureSpec. getSize(widthMeasureSpec) & […]

Use concurrent to execute multi-process tasks in Python

With the development of computer technology, such as GPU and supercomputing platforms are becoming more and more developed. The essence of these technologies does not bring about algorithmic innovation. The reason why the speed and scale of computing can be improved is largely due to the distributed advantages of formula and parallel computing. Here we […]

Workflow engine design and implementation·Simple execution of process

Foreword The model has been highly abstracted above, and this article will further explain the model behavior. Here begins with a question: How to let the process go from the start node to the end node according to the arrow point? StartModel(start)->TaskModel(apply)->TaskModel(deptApprove)->EndModel(end) Execution process analysis Object graph: Timing diagram: Description of execution process: The start […]

Workflow engine design and implementation · Conditional process execution

In the simple execution of the process section, we let a common sequential process go from the start node to the end node. What if it is a conditional process? How should we deal with it? Process definition The flow chart rendered in the figure above can be generated from the following two process definition […]

Execution of Elemwise operators in Onnx (CLIP as an example)

The broad_cast_type type of the Clip operator is BcastType::UNKNOWN_BCAST_TYPE. So it will be called fallback::ElemwiseImpl::exec(srcs, dst); then because srcs.size() > 2, call to: naive::ElemwiseForwardImpl::exec(srcs, dst); First look at the call stack diagram: The Elemwise class first defines the operator execution allocator ModeDispatcher, which is called through on_arity_dispatched_cb_dtype, and is actually called by the methods ElemwiseForwardImpl::on_arity_dispatched […]