[Transfer] [VS Code] Configuration file Launch and shortcut keys

Ctrl + shift + p, then enter launch, click the first option to configure. Then select More The specific configuration can be modified as: { “version”: “0.2.0”, “configurations”: [{ “name”: “LaunchChrome”, “type”: “chrome”, “request”: “launch”, “url”: “http://localhost:4200”, “sourceMaps”: true, “webRoot”: “${workspaceRoot}”, “userDataDir”: “${workspaceRoot}/.vscode/chrome” }] } Configuration explanation version: You define the version of this configuration […]

[Transfer] Practical combat of mysql triggers (if trigger execution fails, will SQL roll back?)

1 IntroductionMysql triggers and stored procedures are both programs embedded in mysql. Triggers are a new function of mysql5. Currently, the databases used by the online Fengchao system, Beidou system, and Columbus system are all mysql5.0.45 versions. Many programs such as fc-star management terminal, sfrd (das), and dorado will use triggers. The server program implements […]

Thoughts on java thread pool ThreadPoolExecutor monitoring and dynamic parameter adjustment

Table of Contents For thread pool parameters For task submission strategy Respond quickly to user requests The default strategy of java ThreadPoolExecutor is as follows The tomcat ThreadPoolExecutor strategy is as follows Process batch tasks quickly Thread pool monitoring Dynamic adjustment of thread pool parameters https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/baYuX8aCwQ9PP6k7TDl2Ww Java thread pool implementation principle and its practice in […]

How to debug bugs in VS2022, shortcut keys for debugging, and what is the difference between debug and release

What is a bug In the process of learning programming, you should have heard of bugs, so where does the word bug come from? In fact, the original meaning of Bug is “bug” or “insect”. On September 9, 1947, Grace Heber, a computer expert working for the U.S. Navy, was also the first to integrate […]

25|What’s in the executable binary file?

From this lecture, we entered into the study of “Principles of C Program Operation”. Compared with the previous content, in this module, you will move from “front stage” to “behind the scenes”: from the program logic intuitively represented by C code to the specific interaction between the program and the operating system during the running […]

ctfshow command execution (40-50)

web40 A lot of questions have been filtered if(isset($_GET[‘c’])){ $c = $_GET[‘c’]; if(!preg_match(“/[0-9]|\~|\`|\@|\#|\$|\%|\^|\ & amp;|\*|\(|\)|\ -|\=|\ + |\{|\[|\]|\}|\:|’|”|\,|\<|\.|\>|\/|\?|\\ \/i”, $c)){ eval($c); } }else{ highlight_file(__FILE__); } The test point of this question is parameterless RCE Reference https://www.cnblogs.com/NPFS/p/13778333.html The meaning of no parameters can be a(), a(b()) or a(b(c())), but it cannot be a(‘b’) or a(‘b’,’c’),Cannot take […]