Database+chatGPT3.5 optimization, indexing, commenting, writing SQL is just a matter of one sentence

Introduction ChatGPT was restless in March, and Microsoft was restless, so Yong should be restless? Impossible, absolutely impossible. To put it simply, Brother Yong successfully integrated chatGPT3.5 into bg-tinkle software in March and released version v1.0.5. After the integration of bg-tinkle, operations such as database modification, statistics, and deletion are all in one sentence, which […]

MySQL database implements master-master synchronization

Foreword MySQL master-master synchronization actually promotes slave database to master database on the basis of master-slave synchronization, so that they can read and write databases with each other, and slave database becomes master Database; the process of master-slave mutual authorization connection, reading the binlog log of the other party and updating it to the local […]

JDBC – Java Database Connection

Article directory 1. Database Tools 2. JDBC – Java Database Connection 3. Execute the DML statement Fourth, execute the DQL statement 5. Association query 6. Execute precompiled SQL statements Seven, SELECT statement 8. Practice creating a table: student1 9. Insert 100 pieces of data into the student1 table 10. Delete the student whose name is […]

PingCAP Huang Dongxu: Serverless is the future form of database

Author: Community Assistant Original source: Thirty years ago, to write code, programmers had to use complex assembly language. But today, few programmers know how to use assembly language, and simpler high-level languages such as C++, C#, JAVA, Rust, and Go have become the mainstream of development. As the technology wave changes, each generation of […]

Simpler batch operations for the three major databases of redis, mongodb, and mysql. Automatic aggregator for batch tasks.

1. The python packages of redis, mongodb, and mysql all provide batch insert operations, but you need to decompose a task such as 1000 001 externally into 1 small batch for every 1000, and also deal with the remainder after dividing the number of batches , it’s okay if you do it once, but if […]

SQL optimization for database and cache

Mind Map 1. Common SQL optimization methods 1. Avoid using SELECT * will consume more cpu Useless fields increase network bandwidth resource consumption and increase data transmission time, especially for large fields (such as varchar, blob, text) Cannot use the MySQL optimizer to cover index optimization (based on the MySQL optimizer’s “covering index “Introduction” strategy […]

GO implements Redis: GO implements memory database (3)

Realize the database layer of Redis (core layer: process commands and return) GitHub – csgopher/go-redis: learning Godis notes This article refers to the following documents: dict: some methods to define dictionaries sync_dict: implement dict db: sub-database command: define command ping, keys, string: the specific processing logic of the command database: stand-alone database datastruct/dict/dict.go type Consumer […]

Modify the torndb library to rely on pymysql to adapt it to python3, a simpler class for operating databases.

1. Python’s MySQLdb and pymysql are two basic database operation packages. The installation of MySQLdb is very troublesome. If there is a c++ related environment, python3 cannot be installed. Python3 generally installs pymysql. This package is highly replaceable with the MySQLdb package. As long as you learn the api of one library, the operation method […]

JavaEE simple example – Spring’s database programming

A brief introduction: In the module that we introduced the Spring architecture before, we have introduced the jdbc module of Spring. For Spring, it can integrate the MyBatis framework to complete the operation of SQL statements, so we are more concerned about the transaction management of Spring in this module of JDBC. , rather than […]