Get the solar calendar date based on the lunar calendar date and convert it into a zodiac sign

package com.zsp.quartz.util; import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; import java.util.Calendar; import java.util.Date; //Calendar conversion tools: lunar and solar calendar date exchange (lunar calendar date range 19000101~20491229) public class DateUtils { // Calculate the lunar date from 1900 to 2049 private final static int[] LUNAR_INFO = { 0x04bd8, 0x04ae0, 0x0a570, 0x054d5, 0x0d260, 0x0d950, 0x16554, 0x056a0, 0x09ad0, 0x055d2, 0x04ae0, 0x0a5b6, 0x0a4d0, […]

PWM principle and how to use STM32 to output PWM (continuously updated…)

Table of Contents Table of Contents 1.PWM principle 1.1PWM demonstration 1.2PWM principle (mathematical expression) 2. How does STM32 output PWM? 2.1Basic structure of STM32 clock system 2.2 Registers used by output PWM 2.2.1RCC_CR 2.2.2RCC_CFGR 2.2.3 Configure the clock in Keil5 (MDK-RAM) 2.2.4 Use of TIM timer 3. Example 1: Breathing Lamp (Lamplighting Master) 4. Example […]

Warehouse data incremental update loading algorithm (supports chaotic date batch running)

1. Database construction and test data insertion script –Create incremental update target table –Create table create table EDW_T100_BAL_IU (ID VARCHAR2(8) not null, BAL NUMBER(22,2), UPDATE_DT VARCHAR2(8) ); –Add comments to the table comment on table EDW_T100_BAL_IU is ‘Balance (incremental update mode loading) table’; — Add comments to the columns comment on column EDW_T100_BAL_IU.ID is ‘primary […]

el-date-picker adds default value and modifies style

Expected results The default is this But I hope that there will be a default today’s date, and the font color and style must also be modified (assuming today is 2023/10/6 Function implementation There are quite a few pitfalls that I have stepped on, so I will record them here. Official documentation According to the […]

Introducing .NET MAUI in .NET 8 Release Candidate 1: Quality

Author: David Ortinau Typesetting: Rani Sun Today, we’re excited to announce that .NET MAUI is available in .NET 8 Release Candidate 1, which comes with an official license for production applications, so you can use this version in production with confidence. A major theme of our .NET MAUI work in .NET 8 is code quality. […]

SimpleDateFormat is not thread safe and its solution

【RAEDME】 SimpleDateFormat is not thread-safe, that is, when parsing a string into a date object or formatting a date into a string in a multi-threaded environment, an exception will be thrown; of course, this is a common problem; This article refers to existing SimpleDateFormat analysis articles and makes a summary, including SimpleDateFormat error code and […]

[SimpleDateFormat] Analysis and solutions to class thread insecurity issues

[SimpleDateFormat] Analysis and solutions to thread unsafe issues Preface 1. Problem deduction 1.1 Initial date tool class 1.2 Introducing thread safety issues 1.3 Examples of concurrency issues 1.4 Alibaba specifications 2. Problem analysis 3. Solution 3.1 Using local variables 3.2 synchronized lock 3.3 ThreadLocal method 3.4 Using DateTimeFormatter 4. Summary of advantages and disadvantages of […]

Solution to Jenkins error and other issues

Jenkins error and other issues to solve Error 1: Failed to install jdk-tool solution Error two: The attempt #1 to do the action check updates server failed with an allowed exception: solution Error 1: Failed to install jdk-tool 2023-10-03 14:52:10.515 + 0000 [id=86] INFO h.m.UpdateCenter$UpdateCenterConfiguration#download: Downloading jdk-tool 2023-10-03 14:52:15.529 […]