Added custom multi-selectable fields to the ZenTao BUG page

At present, the fields on the ZenTao BUG page are relatively common. If you need more fields, you need to open a second version of ZenTao. The following is an example of adding [Discovery Stage] and [Environment] custom fields: 1. Execute this SQL in the database Enter the ZenTao initial page, select [Database Management], enter […]

Volatile: The hidden hero of Java concurrent programming

: Just work hard and leave the rest to time : Xiaopozhan Volatile: The invisible hero of Java concurrent programming Preface First: Visibility Issues Second: Prohibit instruction reordering Third: Happens-Before relationship Fourth: Application cases Fifth: Comparison of Volatile, synchronized, and Lock Volatile: synchronized: Lock: Choose the appropriate tool: Sixth: Common misunderstandings and precautions Common misunderstandings: […]

Embedded Linux development—UART serial communication driver hardware programming

0. Basic preparation of serial port In embedded systems, many devices can be controlled through serial ports, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, etc., so using serial ports in embedded devices is particularly important. First, a few concepts are briefly clarified. RS232, RS485 and TTL refer to electrical level standards. Generally speaking, TTL uses 0V to […]

In embedded design, for a variable storage design with only two states, how to efficiently quantify the deviation of the tracking car…

Foreword (1) In embedded programming, we often need to store data from various sensors. Most of the time sensors, such as infrared light sensors, return data that is either 0 or 1. Therefore, only one bit is needed to store it. However, many people often use char array storage, so that only one-eighth of the […]

There are hidden dangers in using Mybatis-Plus, it’s so tricky!

Author: confused codeLink: Foreword MP has been controversial since its emergence. It feels like there have always been two voices. like: It is very convenient. Sql is automatically spliced through functions. There is no need to go to XML or use tags. The Sql written in one minute can now be written in one […]

Embedded development plan-50—-ARM–Related syntax of ARM assembly language–ARM assembly instructions

One hundred and twenty-five, related syntax of ARM assembly language 125.1 Contents in the assembly file 1. Pseudo operation: It does not occupy storage space in the assembly program, but it can play a guiding and identifying role when the program is compiled. .text .global .glbal .if .else .endif .data .word…. 2. Assembly instructions: Each […]