Element table secondary packaging is super detailed with code (attached form slot, header slot, single choice and multiple choice, automatic selection according to data)

Recently, I have been working in the background management system, and the search and form are used a lot. Based on the secondary packaging of the element table, it is as follows first picture parent component <div class=”content_main”> <div class=”search_card”> <wpform style=”margin-top:20px” :objForm=”objForm” :formData=”formData” @searchSubmit=”searchSubmit(val)” ></wpform> </div> <div class=”tableContent”> <wp_table ref=”mytable” :tableData=”pendingReviewdata” @rowClick=”rowClick” :headerColumns=”pendingReviewHeader” :sendHeight=”sendHeight”> […]

SAP ABAP planned order to purchase requisition MD14

Users feel that it is too troublesome to transfer planned orders to purchase requisitions one by one through MD14. Although MD15 can be batched, it also needs to be confirmed one by one. When business consultants can’t convince users to check out standard features, the pressure is on technology. After research, the function MD_PLANNED_ORDER_2_REQUISITION can […]

Java high concurrency programming – the principle of visibility and order

Atomicity, visibility, and order are the three major problems faced by concurrent programming. Java has solved the atomicity problem in concurrent programming through the CAS operation. This chapter introduces how Java solves the remaining two problems-visibility and order. CPU physical cache structure Since the computing speed of the CPU is much faster than the access […]

Mean encoding MeanEncoder() calculation logic code

1. Import data: import numpy as np import pandas as pd from category_encoders import TargetEncoder, MEstimateEncoder import warnings warnings. filter warnings(‘ignore’) data_df = pd.read_csv()#add path data_df. head() Since the data has no categorical variables, a new categorical variable SalePrice1 is added for testing and running through the data data_df[“SalePrice1”]=pd.DataFrame(np.random.randint(0,2,size=(data_df.shape[0], 1)),columns=[‘test’]) data_df 2. MeanEncoder class definition […]

C++ self-service order program based on MySQL

One, system function 1. View menu details 2. Add dishes to the shopping cart 3. Remove the dish from the shopping cart 4. View my shopping cart details 5. Empty my shopping cart dishes 6. Menu administrator authentication 7. Admin option: add dishes to the menu 8. Admin option: delete dishes from the menu Note: […]

Understand Clang Module and Module Map syntax

Clang Module appeared around 2013, and it appeared to solve the disadvantages of header file inclusion in traditional C-based programming languages. It is also a technology that must be used in modern Apple platform software development. Understanding Clang Module will help us organize code structure, understand Xcode compilation process, optimize compilation speed, and locate compilation […]