Interpretation of the code details of the predict part of the SSD model to detect the image part

The train of the SSD model is based on the predict, and the predict part needs to be interpreted before studying the train. if mode == “predict”: ”’ 1. If you want to save the detected image, use“img.jpg”) to save it, and modify it directly in 2. If you want to get the […]

Integration manual, use the “posture similarity comparison” function to adapt to motion (action) recognition and detection “seconds”

This week ushered in a milestone function update of the “AI Motion Recognition Mini Program Plugin”: the “Pose Similarity Comparison” function. Using this feature can greatly improve the speed of your adaptation to motion (action) recognition and detection. The following will take you to experience the charm of this feature. 1. Make sure to upgrade […]

Imbalanced dataset? Not enough defect data? Using the open source unsupervised defect detection library Anomalib

The importance of quality control and quality assurance is self-evident. Therefore, defect detection has a large demand in many industries and plays an extremely important role. For example, in manufacturing, by detecting anomalies on the production line, companies can ensure that only the highest quality products leave the factory. In the medical industry, early detection […]

STM32 graduation design MCU AB32VG1 indoor environment temperature and humidity detection system

Article directory 0 Introduction 1 Project introduction 2 Hardware Description 2.1 AB32VG1 MCU 2.2 DHT22 digital temperature and humidity sensor 3 code implementation 4 Realize the effect Introduction to 0 Hi, everyone, the senior will introduce a single-chip microcomputer project to you today Single-chip microcomputer-based indoor environment temperature and humidity detection system You can use […]

YOLO5 actual combat mask detection and recognition (under win + environment deployment configuration + mask YOLO format data set + trained weights)

Get rich 1. Environment construction 1.1, source code download 1.2. Switch virtual environment 1.3. Install components 2. Dataset 3. Training 4. Detection Five, write at the end Or paste the result picture first, The final convergent pr is close to 0.9. 1. Environment construction You can refer to another article of the blogger about pytorch […]

Firewall, NAT, IDS (Intrusion Detection System)

Article directory 1. Summary 1. How does the firewall handle the dual-channel protocol 2. How does the firewall handle nat? 3. Which NAT technologies are supported by the firewall, and what are the main application scenarios? 4. When the intranet PC accesses the intranet server through public domain name resolution, what problems will exist and […]

[AI Master Special Training Camp Phase III] Realizing Small Target Detection in Remote Sensing Scenarios Based on PP-YOLOE-SOD

This article is from the AlStudio community boutique project, [click here] to view more boutique content >>> PPYOLOE: Small target detection in remote sensing scenarios based on PP-YOLOE-SOD 1. Project Background Object detection has been a long-standing problem in remote sensing imagery and computer vision. It is usually defined as identifying the location of the […]