Difference between ServerSocketChannel and ServerSocket (SpringBoot version)

ServerSocketChannel and ServerSocket are two different classes dealing with network programming in Java, and they have some differences in function and usage 1. ServerSocketChannel: (1) ServerSocketChannel is a channel in the Java NIO library, which is used to monitor and accept client connections. (2) ServerSocketChannel provides support for non-blocking mode, which can be set to […]

Springboot + spring security, configure multiple data sources: verify different user tables

1. Introduction As mentioned in the previous article, after configuring the source of jdbc and mybatis and logging in, the following error occurred! The latter solution is: block one of the sources, log in successfully, and analyze the reason. But, what if you need to configure multiple data sources? Because this kind of demand still […]

Python matches Excel files between multiple tables and multiple tables (two different table headers) – the json version

First of all, there are many ways to match multiple tables to multiple tables in Excel files (VLOOKUP), 1: Import the Excel file into Mysql or other databases, then merge the two tables into one table, and then use the database to match 2: Copy and paste the contents of the two tables together, save […]

It has been developed for 5 years, and the elements in the List will not be deleted cyclically. Is it so difficult?

Click on the “Java base” above, select “Set as star” Be a positive person, not a positive waste person! Update articles every day at 14:00, lose a million bits of hair every day… Source code boutique column Original | Java 2021 Super God Road, very liver~ An open source project with detailed annotations in Chinese […]

Python’s methods of data interception, line-by-line difference, and cross-file merging for a large number of table files

This article introduces a large number of Excel table files under a folder based on Python language, based on each file strong>, firstly intercept the data we need according to the characteristics of a certain column of data, and then compute row-by-row difference for the intercepted data, and based on Specific methods for merging data […]

ps vs top: two different ways of CPU usage statistics

How to calculate CPU utilization rate? Simply put, the CPU usage of a process refers to how much time the CPU is spending running the process. In the Linux system, the running time of a process is counted by jiffies[1]. By calculating jiffies * HZ, the CPU time consumed by the process can be obtained, […]

The method and difference between set and frozenset in python

The difference between set (variable collection) and frozenset (immutable collection): The set is sorted out of order and not repeated, it is variable, and has methods such as add() and remove(). Since it is mutable, it does not have a hash value. Basic functions include relationship testing and elimination of duplicate elements. Collection objects also […]

Analysis of the principle of diff algorithm

Source: https://blog.csdn.net/m0_64023259/article/details/125476986 (added my own comments and understanding and reduced some descriptions) Concept The diff algorithm can be regarded as a comparison algorithm, and the object of comparison is the old and new virtual DOM. The diff algorithm can find the difference between the old and new virtual DOM, and update the real DOM according […]