Role management basic functions & permission display settings

Basic functions of role management First create a role.vue in sys under views, copy the content of user.vue in and modify the corresponding position. <template> <div> <!– Search Bar –> <el-card class=”box-card” id=”search”> <el-row> <el-col :span=”20″> <el-input v-model=”searchModel.rolename” placeholder=”role name” ></el-input> <el-button @click=”getRoleList” type=”primary” round icon=”el-icon-search” >Query</el-button > </el-col> <el-col :span=”4″ align=”right”> <el-button @click=”openEditUI(null)” type=”primary” […]

When RecyclerView slides, it imitates the ranking list to automatically display and hide its own ranking

Similar to the ranking version in Figure 1, the bottom 21 is your own ranking, and then when you slide to 21, it becomes Figure 2. Above code: Guide package: //adapter framework implementation “com.github.CymChad:BaseRecyclerViewAdapterHelper:2.9.47”, package com.example.mine.activity; import androidx.annotation.NonNull; import androidx.annotation.Nullable; import; import androidx.recyclerview.widget.DividerItemDecoration; import androidx.recyclerview.widget.LinearLayoutManager; import androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.LayoutInflater; import android.view.View; […]

PyQt5 implements clicking the button in the parent window to display the child window (window nesting function)

Abstract: In software, there is often a need to click a button to display a new sub-interface. This article introduces how to implement this function in PyQt5. The main knowledge point is “automatic binding of signal and slot functions “. Program Description: 1. Development environment: win10 system, pycharm2021, python3.7 2. Realized function: Excel file merge; […]

VUE calls threejs to load the model and display it, application and mobile terminal (HBuilder)

After a long and ignorant exploration, the code for vue to load obj and mtl finally ran out, so record it; Effect: code: <template> <view class=”content”> <view id=”threeView”> \t\t\t <!– #ifdef APP-PLUS || H5 –> <view class=”threeView” id=”threeView”> \t\t\t\t \t\t\t <view class=”button”> <view type=”text” @click=”click” > Global View</view> </view> \t\t\t\t </view> <!– #endif –> <!– […]

Echarts dynamically changes the displayed data and charts by adding a drop-down list through Jquery

Foreword In the project, sometimes we have some requirements, such as drawing a pie chart with Echarts, and setting a drop-down list. When I click an option, the data in the pie chart will change, and the chart style There will also be changes. We can achieve this function with Jquery. Preparation First, download the […]

[STM32U5] [NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q Evaluation] Transplant LVGL8.2 to ILI9488 display part

STM32U575 has a running frequency of 150MHz, and today I tried ILI9488 to transplant LVGL8.21. Hardware preparation: NUCLEO-U575ZI development board, ILI9488SPILCD screen.2. Software preparation: atomic lvgl8.2 source code, MDK5, stm32cubeMX【Transplantation process】1. Configure spi1, open stm32cubeMX and configure spi as follows:[attach]2085158[/attach] 2. Configure TIM6 timer[attach]2085162[/attach]3. Clock and other configurations are not described here. Then generate the […]

Tag input box tag-input: imitate QQ mailbox to enhance your component interaction and interface display

Not much to say, first look at the renderings: There are too many scenarios for the input box, but we occasionally encounter some personalized needs. What I will introduce to you today is an input box similar to the above that can display labels. Let’s first assume our input requirements: To be able to enter […]

Run docker-compose and display the graph

I have shown some of the steps in the previous article, but there is one important file missing to actually display the chart. Create a folder www, store the web code in the folder, and mount the directory to the working directory of the container in docker-compose.yml to achieve data persistence. Facilitate the management of […]

QT5/Pyqt5 configuration tools and image display, click the button to display the image, click the button to jump to the page, add slot function

1. pyqt5 configuration environment, add plug-ins (plug-ins include: calling qt5 in pycharm, converting .ui files into .py files) Please refer to the content of this big guy (19 messages) PyQt under Windows writes simple software and packages it_pyqt package_poetmilk’s Blog-CSDN Blog 2. Click tools in pycharm and then click qt_desinger in the plug-in (the first […]