[Data Structure and Algorithm–Divide and Conquer Algorithm (4)-Diagram of Divide and Conquer Algorithm and Ideas

package com.camunda.annotation; public class BinarySearch {<!– –> public static int searchInsert(int[] nums, int target) {<!– –> if(nums[0]>=target){<!– –>return 0;};//Pruning if(nums[nums.length-1]==target){<!– –>return nums.length-1;}//Pruning if(nums[nums.length-1]<target){<!– –>return nums.length;} int left=0; int right=nums.length-1; while (left<right) {<!– –> int mid=(left + right)/2; if(nums[mid]==target) {<!– –> return mid; }else if (nums[mid]>target) {<!– –> right=mid; } else {<!– –> left=mid+1; } } […]

Python batch processes excel files and divides them into multiple excel files based on a certain column value

Problem Description: There are multiple excel files in one file: idea: Use python to read H:\Download\Statistical Yearbook\01 Indicator\After use, delete all the excel files in the path, and save them to cnki-region code-indicator data_{zone} according to the value of the zone column. .xlsx file, count the number of rows in each zone at the same […]

C++ algorithm – divide and conquer (2) merge

Article directory 1. Sort array 2. Reverse-order pairs in an array 3. Calculate the number of elements on the right side that are smaller than the current element 4. Flip the pair The prerequisite for this article is that you have learned merge sorting 1. Sorting array 912. Sorting arrays Sorting arrays can also be […]

C++ algorithm – divide and conquer (1) quick sort

Article directory 1. Color classification 2. Sort array 3. The kth largest element (quick selection) 4. Minimum k number (quick selection) The premise of this article is that you have learned quick arranging Divide and conquer means divide and conquer, dividing a large problem into multiple small problems, and then dividing the small problems into […]

HTML+JavaScript+CSS DIY divider splitter

1. Requirements analysis Nowadays, computer screens are getting bigger and bigger. In order to take advantage of the wide screen, when designing the system UI, we like to put a menu or option panel on the left, display the content corresponding to the menu or option on the right, and use a splitter bar between […]

An in-depth discussion of the divide-and-conquer algorithm and its applications

An in-depth discussion of the divide-and-conquer algorithm and its applications The divide-and-conquer algorithm is an algorithmic strategy that breaks a problem into smaller sub-problems and solves them one by one. Divide-and-conquer algorithms can solve many complex problems by breaking the problem into sub-problems and then combining the solutions to the sub-problems. This article will provide […]

Python divides training set and validation set

When training large-scale machine learning, it is usually necessary to divide the training set and the verification set. The following takes training set:validation set=4:1 as an example to describe how to use Python to divide the training set and validation set. 1. The code is as follows: ? # Divide the data set import os […]