Draw Cash Flow Diagrams in Python

Recently, I am studying engineering economics, and I often have to draw cash flow diagrams. Wish it was easier to draw cash flow diagrams in Python. Although I don’t know if this makes sense. 1. Draw a cash flow diagram based on the cash flow statement Suppose you have the following cash flow statement: project […]

Teach you to draw cool professional illustrations with Python

Python’s plotting module matplotlib: python plotting is highly recommended. The drawn picture is really high-end and high-grade, low-key luxury and connotation~ It is suitable for all kinds of drawings from 2D to 3D, from scalar to vector. It can be saved in various formats from eps, pdf to svg, png, jpg. And the drawing functions […]

Turned out, a drawing tool 10 times faster than Visio came.

Click on the “Java base” above, select “Set as star” Be a positive person, not a positive waste person! Update articles every day at 14:00, lose a million bits of hair every day… Source code boutique column Original | Java 2021 Super God Road, very liver~ An open source project with detailed annotations in Chinese […]

Matplotlib graphics drawing

1. 2D graphics drawing 1.2 Graph In “Matplotlib Quick Start”, as an introductory example, we have already learned how to draw curves. For the sake of completeness, in this section, we first briefly review how to use Matplotlib to draw curves. At the same time, it introduces the drawing of more complex graphs such as […]

Turtles draw simple animations – Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi, also known as the Tower of Hanoi, is an educational toy originated from an ancient Indian legend. When Brahma created the world, he made three diamond pillars. On one pillar, 64 gold discs were stacked in order of size from bottom to top. Brahma ordered Brahmin to rearrange the discs on another […]

Flickering problem when canvas is redrawn

Reason When the canvas is emptied or redrawn, the previously drawn content will disappear instantly and then be redrawn, resulting in a visual flicker. Solution Create two canvases, one for caching data and the other for display. First, before clearing and redrawing, cache the new data to be drawn on the canvas for caching, and […]

Python big data homework six draw a cake

Short answer questions (1 question in total, 100 points) 1. (Short answer questions) Use matplotlib to draw the following figure The first step is to draw a coordinate system import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # Create a Figure artboard object fig = plt. figure() # //Divide the entire Figure area into a grid of Row * […]

Use echarts in vue to draw a life cycle diagram

The product requires us to achieve such an effect 1. Introduce echarts into the vue page import echarts from ‘echarts’ Second, define the echarts container <div ref=”box1″ style=”width:100%;height: 350px” class=”main-content-lt01″></div> Third, custom container style (See comments for specific custom style) mounted(){<!– –> this.init1() }, methods: {<!– –> init1() {<!– –> var myChart = echarts.init(this.$refs.box1) myChart.setOption({<!– […]

Qt Scene graph drawing line

Foreword There are several ways to draw lines in QML: The first one is to use Canvas in QML to realize the line drawing function. After practice, the efficiency is relatively low, and the broken line is very serious, especially when running on an Android phone. The second way is to draw through QPainter, inherit […]