Punctual Atom embedded Linux driver development – U-boot graphical configuration and its principles

From the previous study of uboot, you can know: uboot can be configured through stm32mp15_trusted_defconfig, or uboot can be configured through the file stm32mp1.h. There is another way to configure uboot, which is graphical configuration. The previous uboot did not support graphical configuration, and only the Linux kernel supported graphical configuration. But I don’t know […]

mmap underlying driver implementation (remap_pfn_range function)

Mmap underlying driver implementation myfb.c (applied for 128K space) #include <linux/init.h> #include <linux/tty.h> #include <linux/device.h> #include <linux/export.h> #include <linux/types.h> #include <linux/module.h> #include <linux/export.h> #include <linux/mm_types.h> #include <linux/mm.h> #include <linux/slab.h> #define BUFF_SIZE (32 * 4 * 1024) static char *buff; static int major; static struct class * myfb_class; static int myfb_mmap (struct file *fp, struct vm_area_struct […]

Embedded Linux bare metal development (2) C language LED driver

Directory of series articles Article directory Table of Contents of Series Articles Preface introduce STM32F103 startup file analysis IMX6U assembly C language environment Set processor mode Set SP pointer Jump to C language Implementation process startup file C language driver file main.h main.c linker script file Makefile download Foreword I have learned how to use […]

STM32H750 usb sound card, SAI driver PCM5102

PCM5102 Introduction: 1. This module works in the I2S protocol and supports 32bit audio data, which is simple and crude. 2. Comes with 4 mode controls, namely 1, 2, 3, and 4 IOs on the left side of the picture, respectively FLT (filter mode, low level = low-latency filtering, high level = high-quality filtering), 44.1Khz […]

Ubuntu22.04 system install driver && CUDA11.8

refer to: https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_43387635/article/details/126749463 Ubuntu22.04 Installing Graphics Card Driver (High-Speed, Error-Avoiding Version)-CSDN Blog ————————————————-Install drive————————————————- ——————- The original author said Two things to note ① Enter the motherboard BIOS before installation and turn off safe boot! ! ! Mine is turned off, so I don’t care. ② Switch independent display mode Find the graphics card settings […]

Embedded Linux application development-driver collection-synchronization and mutual exclusion ① inline assembly

Embedded Linux application development-driver collection-synchronization and mutual exclusion ① inline assembly Chapter 1 Synchronization and Mutual Exclusion① 1.1 Inline assembly 1.1.1 Implementation of addition in C language 1.1.2 Use assembly functions to implement addition 1.1.3 Inline assembly syntax 1.1.4 Writing inline assembly to implement addition 1.1.5 Example of earlyclobber 1.2 Examples of failure of synchronization […]

Linux driver device number allocation and automatic creation of device nodes

Linux driver device number For Linux systems, in order to identify and manage devices, each device is marked with a unique number. Each device registered to the kernel requires a number. This number is the device number. In order to subdivide the device number, it is divided into main devices. number and minor device number. […]

Design of VGA driver module based on Xlinx black gold ax309

Reference article URL: [Open Source Saoke]: FPGA-based camera video display system-bilibili; FPGA zero-based learning: VGA protocol driver design – Zhihu (zhihu.com); This article mentions the application fields of VGA and the input signals of female and male connectors to explain the principles of VGA. You can read this article first to understand. VGA (Video Graphics […]

Embedded Linux application development – driver collection – synchronization and mutual exclusion ② implementation of atomic operations

Embedded Linux application development-driver collection-implementation of synchronization and mutual exclusion ② atomic operations Chapter 1 Synchronization and Mutual Exclusion② 1.3 Implementation principles and usage of atomic operations 1.3.1 Kernel operation functions of atomic variables 1.3.2 Kernel implementation of atomic variables Implementation of ATOMIC_OP in UP system Implementation of ATOMIC_OP in SMP system 1.3.3 […]