uniapp knowledge summary

Directory 1. What is UniApp? 2. What are the characteristics and advantages of UniApp? 3. What is the operating principle of UniApp? 4. What is the directory structure of UniApp? 5. How to realize cross-terminal development in UniApp? 6. How to develop pages in UniApp? 7. How to use third-party UI components in UniApp? 8. […]

Classic component knowledge (zookeeper, kafka, ngix)

Specific introduction to zookeeper Can the point of optimization be zookeeper? How to install and use? #include 1. Configure the java environment JDK first, because it needs to be compiled with java; 2. Download zk source code and decompress it; 3. Rename the configuration file zoo_sample.cfg 4. Start zookeeper, check whether it is successfully started, […]

Custom Android Socket communication module (1): socket related knowledge

I made a Socket encapsulation module for Android and device communication before, which is used for data exchange with the device, which greatly solves the complexity and confusion of the old code and provides scalability. Next, I will slowly introduce the various parts of this communication module in several blogs, and realize the desired design […]

FastGpt+Laf puts the AI knowledge base into the official account

Prepare Account Official account certified by WeChat (requires customer service information): https://mp.weixin.qq.com/ FastGpt account, and knowledge base: https://fastgpt.run. Laf account: https://laf.run/ Step1: Laf preparation 1. Enter Laf official website and register an account 2. Create a new application and directly create a free one for testing 3. Copy code Copy directly, no need to change […]

yolov5 pruning and knowledge distillation [with code]

Both pruning and knowledge distillation belong to the lightweight design of the model. Pruning is to obtain a lightweight network by pruning the existing network, which can be divided into unstructured pruning and structured Cut, this technology can save the artificial design of lightweight network, but by calculating the contribution of each weight or channel, […]

Edge Browser: Hidden Features Revealed and Efficient Plug-in Recommendations

Article directory I. Introduction 2. Edge’s various tricks 2.1 Enable Edge split screen function 2.2 Restore the page before the last close directly after starting the Edge browser 2.3 Solve the problem that the Edge browser cannot synchronize account content 2.4 Open vertical tabs (recommended) 2.5 Set label grouping (recommended) 2.6 Set the label sleep […]

Knowledge of JVM tuning

JVM object storage: Java objects are divided into basic types and reference types. The basic type stores the object itself, while the reference type stores the reference address. The reference address points to the storage address of the object. The reference address is stored in the stack, and the object itself Stored on the heap, […]

CSS Additional Knowledge Supplement (9): border graphics, Web fonts, Web font icons, CSS sprites, cursor attributes

Jump directory Chapter Knowledge Points CSS Encounter (1) Know CSS, write CSS styles, CSS comments, common CSS properties CSS additional knowledge supplement (2) link element , computer system, CSS representation color, Chorme debugging tool, browser rendering process CSS properties and selectors (3) CSS text properties, CSS font properties, CSS common selectors Characteristics of CSS properties […]