Design and implementation of information technology knowledge contest system based on SpringBoot

Table of Contents Preface 1. Technology stack 2. Introduction to system functions User information management Learn video management Announcement type management Announcement information management 3. Core code 1. Login module 2. File upload module 3. Code encapsulation 4. Conclusion Foreword Firstly, it takes a lot of time to manage information using traditional methods. Secondly, the […]

Build an industry knowledge base based on LangChain+ChatGLM2-6B+embedding

Purpose: Recently, I have been exploring large model localization deployment + knowledge base to implement industry solutions, record the installation process, and share it with students who need it. It is very important to determine the version of each component before installation to avoid repeated installations. After reviewing a large amount of information, it can […]

[IO multiplexing] How EPOLL implements ET (edge trigger)

LT and ET edge-triggered What is edge triggering How to implement edge triggering Summary & Notes How to use recv & send for edge triggering recv return value of recv send level-trggered horizontal trigger code When we are doing epoll network programming, we can choose LT (horizontal trigger) or ET (edge trigger). By default, epoll […]

Generative AI – Knowledge Graph Prompting: A multi-document question answering method based on large models

Large language models (LLMs) have revolutionized natural language processing (NLP) tasks. They change the way we interact with and process text data. These powerful AI models, such as OpenAI’s GPT-4, have changed the way human-like text is understood and generated, leading to numerous breakthrough applications across a variety of industries. LangChain is an open source […]

PureEdgeSim -locationmanager package -MobilityModel file

MobilityModel The main class of the mobility manager module, which generates mobility paths for different edge devices. Current device location protected Location currentLocation; Is the device moving? protected boolean isMobile = false; Minimum pause duration protected double minPauseDuration; Maximum pause duration protected double maxPauseDuration; Maximum movement duration protected double maxMobilityDuration; Minimum movement duration protected double […]

Harmony application development knowledge base

Harmony application development knowledge base Preface text 1. DevEco Studio version 2. Mobile version ① Environment variables 3. API version 4. Development language 5. Operation and debugging Foreword Let me explain one thing first. If you are familiar with Android application development, you can also do Harmony application development with ease, but before that, you […]

Deploy YOLO pruning model to edge terminal device jeston-orin-nano method

I encountered a lot of pitfalls in the process. I have only recently finished all the bugs in the experiment and recorded them 1Foreword TensorRT is a high-performance deep learning inference optimization library officially provided by NVIDIA, supporting two programming languages API: C++ and Python . Under normal circumstances, deep learning model deployment will pursue […]

PureEdgeSim -taskgenerator package-Task file

Task interface summary: Reason for task failure /** * Enumeration for failure reasons of a Task. */ enum FailureReason {<!– –> FAILED_DUE_TO_LATENCY, FAILED_BECAUSE_DEVICE_DEAD, FAILED_DUE_TO_DEVICE_MOBILITY, NOT_GENERATED_BECAUSE_DEVICE_DEAD, NO_OFFLOADING_DESTINATIONS, INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES, INSUFFICIENT_POWER } Mission success or failure /** * Enumeration for status of a Task. */ enum Status {<!– –> SUCCESS, FAILED } Maximum delay in returning tasks /** […]

Matlab implementation: image edge extraction

1. Edge extraction algorithm Method 1: First-order differential operator Sobel operator The Sobel operator detection method has a better processing effect on images with grayscale gradients and more noise. The Sobel operator is not very accurate in edge positioning, and the edge of the image is more than one pixel. Roberts operator The Roberts operator […]