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3.2 Linux Vim editor

vi is a powerful full-screen text editing tool that has always been the default document editor for UNIX-like operating systems. vim is an enhanced version of the vi text editor, which extends many practical functions based on the vi editor. Enter “Vim file name”: if the file exists, Vim will open the file; if the […]

Linux: Use of vim editor

Table of Contents 1. What is vim editor? Basic concepts of vim 2. Basic operations of vim 3. vim normal mode command set 4. Vim end line mode command set 5. Vim configuration 1. What is vim editor? Vim is a widely used text editor on Linux systems. It has powerful functions and a high […]

Python Virtual Environment Guide 2023 Edition

Python is also an important tool in the fields of data science and machine learning (yyds). This is a Python environment guide that tells you how to configure the Python environment and install related libraries for data science and machine learning research. In the field of data science and machine learning, we can use the […]

AI system source code ChatGPT website source code + ai painting system/support GPT4.0/support Midjourney partial editing and redrawing

1. AI creation system SparkAi creation system is an Ai intelligent question and answer system and Midjourney painting system developed based on OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT. It supports the full model of OpenAI-GPT + the full model of domestic AI. The overall test of the source code system in this issue is very perfect. It can […]

shell – regular expression, sed streaming editor

Regular Expressions Overview Overview Use a “string of symbols” to describe data with common attributes Basic regular list Extended regular list Prepare materials [root@localhost ~]# head -5 /etc/passwd > user [root@localhost ~]# cat user root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash bin:x:1:1:bin:/bin:/sbin/nologin daemon:x:2:2:daemon:/sbin:/sbin/nologin adm:x:3:4:adm:/var/adm:/sbin/nologin lp:x:4:7:lp:/var/spool/lpd:/sbin/nologin Test ^ $ [root@localhost ~]# grep root user root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash [root@localhost ~]# grep ^root user root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash [root@localhost […]

Collect the use of different rich text editors (vue3 version)

Article directory 1. ueditor (Baidu Rich Text Editor) Install Use and re-package components 2. KindEditor download file Create new components and use them 1. ueditor (Baidu Rich Text Editor) Reference ueditor and vue-ueditor-wrap The encapsulated vue component is used directly here vue-ueditor-wrap vue3 version Installation npm i vue-ueditor-wrap@3.x -S or yarn add vue-ueditor-wrap@3.x Use and […]

Solve the problem that the Onlyoffice file version changes and the problem that multiple people cannot edit collaboratively after using dynamic keys

1.Cause analysis Onlyoffice’s file saving mechanism relies on the callback interface to save files. Once the file is saved successfully. When the editor is opened again with the last key and the latest document URL address as parameters, the editor service goes to redis to find the cache based on the key and verifies whether […]

python pyqt5 3. Text editing box pop-up window search and replace, highlighting the searched string

Function: 1. Click the Open Find and Replace button to pop up the Find and Replace window. After selecting the string, the window will open and the value will be automatically searched. 2. All found results are highlighted. 3. Display the number of results found and the number currently found 4. Implement batch replacement Rendering: […]