PHP Deserialization Vulnerability: Identity Identity

Article directory refer to environment access modifier access modifier PHP and access modifiers handwritten identification Identity mark Define identity Control character NUL How to represent null character in PHP? An attempt was made to construct a serialized text containing a non-public property object via a null character Transmission of null characters Control character unprintability in […]

SFML2.6 graphics module–position, rotation, scaling: entity transformation

Transform SFML entities All SFML classes (sprites, text, shapes) use the same interface for transformation: sf::Transformable. This base class provides a simple API to move, rotate and scale your entities. It does not provide maximum flexibility, but defines an interface that is easy to understand and use, covering 99% of all use cases – for […]

Identity framework and use of JWT

1.Authentication verifies the user identity of the visitor. (Whether the user logged in successfully) Whether the Authorization user identity has access rights to resources. (Whether the user has permission to access this address) (1) Install the nuget package: ASP.NET Core Identity Entity Framework Core. (2) Create three types: public class MyUser:IdentityUser<long>//long is the primary key […]

Cesium clicks the mouse on the entity element to pop up the div information box

1. Introduction Set the div information box template, bind events to the entity elements, synchronize the spatial position, and then pop up the information box in the callback function. 2. Sample source code <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> <title>Click the Popup information box</title> <script src=”./js/config.js”></script> <script […]

Entity Framework 4.1 Part 6: Optimistic Concurrency

Original title: Entity Framework 4.1: Optimistic Concurrency (6) Original address: See Entity Framework 4.1 recommends English tutorials. In order to make it easier for everyone, I will briefly translate it. This is the 8th article in a series of 8 in total. Entity Framework 4.1 Part 1: Basics Entity Framework 4.1-2: Overriding the default […]

XML External Entity Injection (XXE) Vulnerability

Table of contents 0x01: DTD basics 0x02: External entity 1. Directly declare through DTD external entity 2. Introduce the external DTD document through the DTD document, and write the external entity declaration in the DTD document 3. Introduce external entity declaration through DTD external entity declaration 0x03: What can xxe do? 0x04: XXE is echoed […]

Deploy BERT named entity recognition model using modelarts

Introduction to model deployment After we complete model training through deep learning, we sometimes hope to put the model into production and develop an API interface to be called by the terminal, which involves model deployment. Modelarts supports the deployment and online prediction of tensorflow, mxnet, pytorch and other models. Here Lao Shan introduces the […]

Generate statement based on entity class generation table

I took over a new project, there was no database file, and the Entity entity classes were placed in different file paths, so I wrote a conversion tool, as follows: import cn.hutool.core.collection.CollUtil; import com.baomidou.mybatisplus.annotations.TableId; import io.swagger.annotations.ApiModelProperty; import lombok.SneakyThrows; import lombok.extern.slf4j.Slf4j; import org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils; import*; import java.lang.reflect.Field; import java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets; import java.util.*; import static; /** * […]

06 Support for external identity providers in IdentityServer4

06. IdentityServer4 External Providers .NET Core 3.1 January 24, 2020| deblokt| in category Tutorials .Net Core 3.17 comments You can find the project [here]( IdentityServer4 External Providers). Standard Agreement All Identity Providers are supported using standard protocols like OpenID Connect, OAuth2, SAML2 and WS-Federation. This could be Okta, it could be Auth0, could be proprietary […]

Solve the UnprocessableEntityException exception that occurs in the integration of spring security and activiti7

Resolve the exception problem of UnprocessableEntityException: Process definition with the given id: xxx’ belongs to a different application version During the integration process of spring security and activiti7 versions, a series of problems occurred, which are recorded here: The software environment configuration is as follows: jdk1.8, spring boot 2.6.10, activiti7.1.0-M6 version jdk8 is a basic […]