Let AI work for you? GPT Improves Development Efficiency Guide

Teng Xiaoyun guide In the entire daily workflow of developers, what can AI large models do? Can large AI models such as ChatGPT complete the entire process from technical solution output, coding, testing, release to operation and maintenance step by step through the guidance of developers? What are the pitfalls in use? This article starts […]

Measuring Node.js and Page Performance with the Event Loop

Event Loop Everyone should understand the Event Loop mechanism. Let me repeat the summary first. The Event Loop of Node.js is different from that of Javascript. Intuitively, there are two more APIs, setImmediate and process.nextTick. Secondly, due to the different runtimes, Html Standrad will consider that different sources such as multiple pages and DOM operations […]

<C++> reverse iterator

The adaptation of the reverse iterator is only used for the two-way iterator. For the one-way iterator implemented by the singly linked list, a reverse iterator cannot be constructed through adaptation. Why do we say the reverse iterator adapter? Because we only need to implement a reverse iterator template to implement its reverse iterators in […]

Two ways to separate and load Shellcode to achieve anti-killing (VT anti-killing rate: 1/68)

Introduction This article introduces in detail how to separate loading of Shellcode through file loading and remote URL loading to avoid detection by security software. The article first describes the process of loading shellcode files generated by Metasploit Framework, and provides the relevant C++ code. In order to avoid being detected by antivirus software, dynamic […]

This deep analysis of the execution process of SpringMVC will help you improve to a higher level immediately after reading it!

Follow the WeChat public account “Java Architecture Stack”, reply [Interview Collection], and immediately receive a full set of testing resources. Preface Hello everyone, I am Brother Qianfengwen. In the previous article, Brother Wen introduced the construction process of the SpringMVC entry case. I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the basic use of […]

Use Maven to quickly integrate and build and develop JavaFX for desktop application development

Purpose: Don’t step on the pit you have stepped on once Nanny-level tutorials, package education package meeting With this method, you don’t need to worry about manually configuring the jar package every time, and you don’t need to worry about the VM parameter –module-path of the startup class. With this method, you don’t need to […]

First review! A Comprehensive Survey of the Segmentation Everything Model (SAM)

Click the card below to follow the “CVer” official account AI/CV heavy dry goods, delivered in the first time Click to enter->【Image Segmentation】WeChat Technology Exchange Group Reprinted from: Heart of the Machine As the first study to comprehensively introduce the progress of SAM-based models, this paper focuses on the application of SAM to various tasks […]

Vue development menu management page

Our general background management projects are configured in the background to configure routing and permissions, and if we need to add menus in the front end, we need to write a menu management page for configuration. 1. New menu management page Create a new menu package under views, and create a new SysMenu.vue page under […]

C++ configures the ini file to modify the parameters in the program without recompiling the program every time

Change program parameters without recompiling the program Use ini file In the ini file, it can be configured in the following format: [x_pose] value=0.5 [y_pose] value=0.5 [z_pose] value=1 Among them, `[x_pose]`, `[y_pose]`, `[z_pose]` are the name of the configuration item section, and `value` is the value of the configuration item. In the cpp file, you […]