The principle and implementation of Debounce and Throttle—preventing an event from being triggered frequently

Original text: When handling events such as resize, scroll, mousemove and keydown/keyup/keypress, usually we do not It is expected that these events will be triggered too frequently, especially if the listener involves a lot of calculations or has very resource-intensive operations. How often? Take mousemove as an example. According to the regulations of DOM […]

7 Best Python Libraries for Artificial Intelligence Development

[Introduction]Python is the first choice for developing artificial intelligence projects. This programming language provides optimal security, performance, and scalability needed to develop advanced artificial intelligence projects. Numpy NumPy(Numerical Python) is an extension library for Python, and most AI developers consider NumPy to be the best Python library for developing a range of solutions. Developing AI […]

stm32 serial port sends data packets for analysis to achieve human-computer interaction

Serial port sending and receiving parsing data packets Students who have studied stm32 know that it is very convenient to use the serial port to communicate with 32. In the official process of punctual atoms, we can see that in the serial port interrupt service function, a sixteen-bit data is used for the received data. […]

lv7 Embedded Development-Network Programming Development 11 TCP Management and UDP Protocol

Table of Contents 1 TCP management 1.1 Three-way handshake 1.2 Wave four times 1.3 Keep-alive timer 2 wireshark installation and experiment 3.1 icmp protocol packet capture demonstration 3.2 TCP protocol packet capture demonstration 3 UDP protocol 3.1 Main features of UDP: 4 exercises 1 TCP Management 1.1 Three-way handshake The process of establishing a TCP […]

Design of a calculator mini-program based on WeChat Developer Tools

The Link Your Class https://bbs The Link of Requirement of This Assignment The Aim of This Assignment complete the calculator with a visual interface MU STU ID and FZU STU ID 21125341_832101123 Table of Contents Ⅰ. Blog Introduction Ⅱ. PSP Form: Outlining the Work Ⅲ. Problem-Solving Approach: Critical Thinking and Information Retrieval Ⅳ. […]

Qt meta-object system, signals and slots, and events

Article directory meta-object system Basic concepts of meta-object system Meta-object system and reflection mechanism qobject_cast function Use reflection mechanism to obtain information about member functions of class objects QMetaMethon class QMetaObject class attribute system Signals and Slots Event delivery (or distribution) and processing Acceptance and Ignore of Events event filter Custom events and event sending […]

[Unity C#_Menu Window Development Series_Inspector Component UnityEditor Development]

GUI series operations 1. Enumeration menu implementation File 1: Assets/MyScript/Test1.cs code show as below: File 2: Assets/MyScript/Editor/Test1Editor.cs code show as below: have a test Create a new scene and create an Empty node to test the enumerated components. Drag file 1: Assets/MyScript/Test1.cs to the Game Object’s Inspector panel. Implemented a simple enumeration menu: 2.Window menu […]

[Transfer] CAD secondary development–attribute block Block and BlockReference

1. Definition of attribute block Attribute blocks are composed of constituted entities and additional information (attributes). The definition of blocks in attribute blocks is the same as the definition of blocks in simple blocks, and the definition of attributes is mainly realized through the relevant attributes and functions of the attribute’s AttributeDefinition class. . Specific […]