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“Reveal the secret! Eat it everywhere with one trick, and easily obtain product details through the Shopee API interface.”

To use the Shopee API interface to obtain product details based on product ID, you need to perform the following steps: Obtain API credentials: Obtain your API credentials (access token) on the Shopee open platform or API documentation page. Build requests: Build API requests using your favorite programming language (such as Python, Java, PHP, etc.). […]

2.3 Windows driver development: kernel string conversion method

In kernel programming, strings have two formats: ANSI_STRING and UNICODE_STRING. These two formats are safe versions of string structures introduced by Microsoft and are also formats recommended by Microsoft. , usually the type represented by ANSI_STRING is char *, which is a string in multi-byte mode of ANSI, and UNICODE_STRING represents wchar*, which is a […]

Haproxy implements seven-layer load balancing

Table of Contents Haproxy overview haproxy algorithm: Haproxy implements seven-layer load ①Deploy nginx-server test page ②(active/standby) deploy load balancer ③Deploy keepalived for high availability ④Add health check on haproxy ⑤Test Haproxy Overview haproxy—It is mainly used for layer 7 load balancing, but it can also be used for layer 4 load balancing. Apache can also […]

10. Graphical User Interface and Game Development

Graphical User Interface and Game Development GUI based on tkinter module GUI is the abbreviation of Graphical User Interface. Anyone who has used a computer should be familiar with the graphical user interface, so there is no need to go into details here. Python’s default GUI development module is tkinter (named Tkinter in versions before […]

How to understand and select optimistic locks and pessimistic locks during back-end development?

The author was asked this practical question when participating in a soft opening interview at a bank, so I came here to learn and summarize it. To get straight to the point, when choosing between pessimistic locks and optimistic locks, you need to consider the specific application scenarios: Pessimistic locking is suitable for scenarios where […]

[STM32] Several message reception filtering modes for STM32 CANFD peripherals

In Controller Area Network (CAN) systems, correctly configuring message filters is critical to effectively manage network communications. Especially when using the Flexible Data-rate Controller Area Network (FDCAN), choosing the appropriate filter type can greatly improve network efficiency and message processing speed. The CAN peripheral of the STM32G47x chip has the following reception message filtering methods: […]

Add never sleep function in msm8909_Setting

In the project, the Android board needs to enter the desktop when it is turned on and never sleep. The project uses Fibocom’s SC806 Android development board and msm8909 platform. Configure never sleep diff Put the diff file in front and you can apply it directly! diff –git a/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml b/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml index 64378d7ba7..3ee1079fb5 100644 — a/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml […]

The usage process of nanny-level vue-pdf

The first step is to introduce vue-pdf npm install –save vue-pdf The second step is to proceed slowly according to the needs 01. Give you the url of a pdf file, which needs to be rendered on the page Code <template> <div> <pdf ref=”pdf” :src=”url”> </pdf> </div> </template> <script> import pdf from ‘vue-pdf’ export default […]

ESP32 IDF development application? http request

ESP32 IDF development application? http request 1. The blogger’s purpose for writing this technical article: 2. Overview 3. HTTP request 4. HTTP response 6. HTTP response status code 7. Introduction to related APIs 8. Software design 9. Example 10. Debugging results Don’t get lost-Navigation bar Quickly navigate to find what you want (article directory) If […]