Talk about how the front-end prevents data leakage

shigen is a blogger who writes daily articles. He is good at the development of Java, python, vue, shell and other programming languages as well as various applications and scripts. Record growth, share knowledge, and retain feelings. Recently, I suddenly discovered an interesting thing. Some websites are almost dead when you enter them. That kind […]

DOM node operations & M-side events

1. What is a DOM node? 1.1. DOM node: Each content in the DOM tree is called a node. 1.2. Classification of DOM nodes : Element node such as div tag Attribute node such as class attribute Text node For example, the text in the label ? 2. Find nodes Any node in the DOM […]

Vue project code prevents debugging – open the console and jump directly to a blank page

Vue project code prevents debugging – open the console and jump directly to a blank page After the front-end code is online, the code will be exposed, or the interface will be exposed, and interested people will study the code logic and find project bugs and loopholes! Project background I was targeted by the security […]

The web3 React dapp project gets canceled and completed and all order data from the blockchain through events and stores them in redux.

Okay, above, web3 uses antd to build the basic structure of the order component in the React dapp. We have demonstrated a basic order component. Then let’s continue and start with the environment. ganache terminal run ganache -d MetaMask Log in Then open the project and publish the contract truffle migrate –reset Then run the […]

Web APIs – M-side events, JS plug-ins

1. M-side incident The mobile version also has its own unique features. For example, the touch screen event touch (also called touch event) is available on both Android and IOS. The touch screen event touch (also called touch event) is available in both Android and IOS. The touch object represents a touch point. The touch […]

VC++ under Windows uses boost::asio + WSAEventSelect + WSACreateEvent to implement async-listen-accept socket-fd

What requirements would lead to giving up using boost::asio::ip::tcp::acceptor directly? to listen and accept socket instances from clients? Hypothetical scenario: We need to make the sockets that already know the IPEndPoint address endpoint work under the same context, because this group of sockets will copy data across each other. If we have multiple contexts, it […]

[C# Programming] Delegation, lambda expressions and events

Table of Contents 1. Delegate and lambda expression 1.1 Overview of delegation 1.2 Declaration of delegate type 1.3 Instantiation of delegates 1.4 Internal mechanism of delegation 1.5 Lambda expressions 1.6 Statement lambda 1.7 Expression lambda 1.8 Lambda expression 1.9 General delegation 1.10 Delegates have no structural equality 1.11 Internal mechanism of Lambda expressions and anonymous […]

[Hongmeng Software Development] ArkTS general events

Article directory Preface 1. Click event 1.1 Basic introduction 1.2 ClickEvent object description 1.3 Sample code 2. Touch event 2.1 Basic introduction 2.2 ClickEvent object description 2.3 Sample code 2. Focus events 2.2 Basic introduction 3.2 Sample code Summarize Foreword There are some common events in our ArkTS that are available in all components, so […]