DevChat Programming Assistant: A new tool to improve programming efficiency

Article directory Foreword What is DevChat? DevChat Registration Detailed explanation of DevChat usage tutorial Python environment setup VScode installation DevChat plug-in installation DevChat plug-in configuration DevChat hands-on experience Advantages of DevChat Summarize Foreword Which programming assistant is the best? DevChat is here to help! Code generation is slow? Model load is heavy? Poor generation effect? […]

Why use virtual environment in python? (Virtual environment function and virtual environment construction, switching, exit, migration and packaging) code demonstration. Official venv usage (**)

Detailed graphic and text explanation of python’s virtual environment (virtual environment functions and virtual environment construction, switching, exit, migration and packaging) code demonstration Why use a virtual environment? First, a virtual environment helps keep your projects clean and separate. You don’t have to worry about one project’s dependencies breaking another, which makes project […]

15 Analysis | How to efficiently analyze TCP retransmission issues?

We talked about many problems in the basics and case studies, such as RT jitter problems, packet loss problems, inability to establish connections, etc. These problems are usually accompanied by TCP retransmissions, so we often capture TCP retransmission information to help us analyze these problems. And TCP retransmission is also a signal. We usually use […]

“The charm of the GUI graphical interface, the secure communication of the SSH protocol and the efficient development of IDEA integrated with Git”

Article directory introduction 1. Practical application of GUI graphical interface 2. Secure communication using SSH protocol What is SSH? git/github generates the key and passes Remote github warehouse configuration 3. Quick start guide for integrating Git with IDEA Summarize Introduction In the field of computer science, a graphical user interface (GUI) is a user interface […]

In embedded design, for a variable storage design with only two states, how to efficiently quantify the deviation of the tracking car…

Foreword (1) In embedded programming, we often need to store data from various sensors. Most of the time sensors, such as infrared light sensors, return data that is either 0 or 1. Therefore, only one bit is needed to store it. However, many people often use char array storage, so that only one-eighth of the […]

Revealed: Use only one 3090 to easily and efficiently deploy the InternLM-20B large model!

On September 20, the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory launched the 20 billion parameter version InternLM-20B of the Scholar Puyu Large Model (InternLM). It has excellent comprehensive performance, and with less than one-third of the parameters, the evaluation results have reached the level of Llama2-70B. 20 billion parameters, accounting for approximately 40G of video memory. This […]