Let AI work for you? GPT Improves Development Efficiency Guide

Teng Xiaoyun guide In the entire daily workflow of developers, what can AI large models do? Can large AI models such as ChatGPT complete the entire process from technical solution output, coding, testing, release to operation and maintenance step by step through the guidance of developers? What are the pitfalls in use? This article starts […]

Linux: PXE efficient batch network installation

1. PXE Overview 1. The role of PXE A pre-boot execution environment, which runs before the operating system. 2. Advantages of PXE batch deployment (1) Scale: assemble multiple servers at the same time; (2) Automation: install the system and configure various services; (3) Remote implementation: no CD, U disk and other installation media are required. […]

Efficient solution: It only takes 13 seconds to insert 300,000 pieces of data into MySQL

Click to follow the official account, Java dry goodsdelivered in time This article mainly describes the cases and results of large data volume data insertion through MyBatis, JDBC, etc. 300,000 pieces of data are inserted into the database for verification Entity class, mapper and configuration file definition User entity mapper interface mapper.xml file jdbc.properties sqlMapConfig.xml […]

Zero operation difficulty, easy application testing, a complete guide to Monkey testing for App-specific testing!

Table of Contents Foreword: 1. The basic parameters of the Monkey test 1.1 Event type parameters: 1.2 Coverage package 1.3 Number of events Second, the advanced parameters of the Monkey test 2.1 Stability level 2.2 Policy parameters 2.3 Include option parameters 3. Additional code 4. Summary Foreword: In the development process of mobile applications, testing […]

Mathematical modeling of CCR, BCC, and super-efficiency models using python’s pulp library

Article directory Mathematical modeling of CCR, BCC, and super-efficiency models using python’s pulp library 1. CCR, BCC, and super-efficiency model formulas? 1. Input-oriented CCR dual formula 2. BCC model formula 3. Super efficiency model formula 2. Mathematical Model Construction 1. Data example 1.1 How to use the pulp package 1.2 After learning basic modeling, apply […]

BLIP-2: salesforce proposes efficient training of multimodal large models based on frozen visual encoder and LLM model parameters

Paper link: https://arxiv.org/abs/2301.12597 Project code: https://github.com/salesforce/LAVIS/tree/main/projects/blip2 Experience address: https://huggingface.co/spaces/Salesforce/BLIP2 Document introduction: https://huggingface.co/docs/transformers/main/en/model_doc/blip-2 Fine-tuning reference: https://github.com/salesforce/LAVIS Huggingface Space address: https://hf.co/spaces/Salesforce/BLIP2 In the past few years, visual language pre-training (VLP) has continuously refreshed SOTA when the model is getting larger and larger, but due to the end-to-end training method, a large amount of computational cost is required […]

Spring Validated verification framework makes your project more concise and improves development efficiency

Spring Framework provides a set of frameworks that can easily verify the parameters received in the Controller layer, including the @Validated annotation. Using the @Validated annotation in a Spring project allows us to perform parameter validation more conveniently, avoiding the trouble of manual validation, and making the code more elegant and easy to maintain. This […]

Python office automation, effectively bid farewell to tedious operations, 955 is not a dream, it is recommended to collect!

Report Consolidation Merge all excel files under the folder into one file. But here only supports merging sheet1 in the excel file. If the merged excel file has multiple sheets, please modify the merge_excel() function of the code yourself. The merge steps are as follows: Get all files under the path. Create a new excel […]