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LinuxUbuntu16.04 configuration repo

Ubuntu16.04 failed to configure repo In the process of learning Wei Dongshan’s Linux embedded development, use the repo to obtain the kernel and tool chain: git clone https://e.coding.net/codebug8/repo.git mkdir -p 100ask_imx6ull-sdk & amp; & amp; cd 100ask_imx6ull-sdk ../repo/repo init -u https://gitee.com/weidongshan/manifests.git -b linux-sdk -m imx6ull/100ask_imx6ull_linux4.9.88_release.xml –no-repo-verify ../repo/repo sync -j4 The result failed, error message: repo: […]

[Data processing] python Matplotlib partially enlarges the figure; marks the local enlarged subfigure of interest

Foreword In data visualization, it is often necessary to partially enlarge the data in a certain interval to obtain a higher contrast visualization effect. The following uses the Matplotlib library of the Python language to implement a simple partial magnification effect. Dependent libraries matplotlib: plotting library numpy: an extended library that supports a large number […]

[PG] Configuration file for PostgreSQL high availability solution repmgr management

1 Configuration File 1.1 Configuration file format repmgr.conf is a plain text file containing one parameter/value combination per line. White spaces are irrelevant (except within quoted parameter values), and blank lines are ignored. #Specifies the remainder of the line as a comment. Parameter values that are not simple identifiers or numbers should be enclosed in […]

Vue CLI scaffolding installation, construction, configuration and CLI project analysis

Table of Contents 1. Quick Start with CLI 1. Official introduction: 2. Install Vue CLI: 3. Build Vue CLI: 4.IDEA configures Vue CLI: 2. Vue CLI project analysis 1. Structural analysis: 1.1 config 1.2 node_modules 1.3 src 1.4 static 2. Process analysis: 2.1 main.js 2.2 router/index.js 2.3 components/HelloWorld.vue 2.4 App.vue 2.5 index.html 1. Quick Start […]

Typical configuration of DNS server in Linux

Table of Contents BIND installation and deployment Forward analysis Programming zone configuration file Programming data configuration file Change the DNS address parameters in the network card to the local IP address ( Reverse analysis Programming zone configuration file Programming data configuration file Check the results. Change the DNS address parameter in the network card to […]

nginx four-layer tcp load balancing and active and standby, four-layer udp load balancing and active and standby, 7-layer http load balancing and active and standby configuration (wndows system active and standby, load balancing)

Preparation Prepare two centos7 computers, virtual machines can also be used Use vmware17 to build centos7 mini version server on windows-CSDN Blog Set up a static IP address (because the network load balancing manager on the Windows server does not support dhcp servers) Modify the network card IP address in ky10, centos7 and other linux […]

Linux performance optimization using Tuned configuration optimization solution

Write in front Organizing notes related to exams The blog post covers a simple understanding of Linux tuned tuning tools A brief description of tuning configuration files and an introduction to custom tuning solutions If you don’t understand enough, please help me correct it. There is only one true responsibility for everyone: to find themselves. […]

When installing Bitcoin in Ubuntu, a make compilation error occurs or there is no such file when running ./configure –with-incompatible-bdb.

If you install Bitcoin by installing dependencies and get a make compilation error or run ./configure –with-incompatible-bdb and it shows that there is no such file, you can try my method. Reference: http://t.csdnimg.cn/bMdRc If you install this document, you will not be able to verify the path of the Bitcoin file, so you need to […]

Skywalking process analysis_2 (configuration loading and custom class loader initialization)

Read configuration SnifferConfigInitializer.initializeCoreConfig(agentArgs)This method is to read the configuration file. The file agent.config is read in this method public static void initializeCoreConfig(String agentOptions) {<!– –> //Start loading configuration information priority (the smaller the number, the greater the priority) 1: The age of the startup command nt parameter 2: system environment variable 3: configuration of agent.config […]

Installation and configuration explanation of Log4j and Log4j2

What is a log? A log is a file that records detailed information about events or behaviors that occur when a system or application is running. It usually includes information such as timestamp, event type, event description, etc., so that troubleshooting, performance optimization, security auditing, etc. can be performed when needed. Logs can help developers […]