House rental and sales information system source code + database based on Vue and SpringBoot

House rental and sale information system Complete code download address: House rental and sales information system Software Introduction This software is a house rental and sale information system based on Vue and SpringBoot. It mainly includes three business lines: house rental, house sale, and house transaction. Developers can use this project Carry out secondary development […]

Based on Java: Design and implementation of stray animal adoption information system (source code + lw + deployment documents + explanation, etc.)

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The information returned by the Mybatis query result set is encapsulated using a large Map to implement mapping without POJO classes and achieve the effect of corresponding values —–Mybatis framework

package com.powernode.mybatis.mappers; import com.powernode.mybatis.POJO.Car; import org.apache.ibatis.annotations.MapKey; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; public interface CarMapper { //Query all Cars and return a Map collection //The Key of the map collection is the primary key value, and the map value is the Car object @MapKey(“id”) Map<Long,Map<String,Object>> selectMap(); List<Map<String,Object>> selectAllCar(); Map<String,Object> selectByIdGetMap(Long id); List<Car> selectByCarId(Long id); //There may be […]

The information returned by the Mybatis query result set uses ResultMap to implement the encapsulated POJO class—–Mybatis framework

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE mapper PUBLIC “-// Mapper 3.0//EN” “”> <mapper namespace=”com.powernode.mybatis.mappers.CarMapper”> <select id=”selectById” resultType=”Car”> select id as id, car_num as carNum, brand as brand, guide_price as guidePrice, produce_time as produceTime, car_type as carType from t_car where id = #{id}; </select> <select id=”selectAll” resultType=”Car”> select id as id, car_num as carNum, brand as brand, guide_price […]

(6) Pandas data ranking, calculation, formatting

Data sorting and ranking Data sorting The sort_values() method is mainly used when sorting DataFrame df.sort_values(by,axis=0,ascending=True,inplace=False,kind=’quicksort’,na_position=’last’,ignore_index=False) Parameter description: by: the list of names to sort axis: axis, 0 means row, 1 means column, default row sorting ascending: ascending or descending order, Boolean value, you can use a Boolean value list to specify multiple sorting, descending […]

Problems encountered when using regular expressions to determine whether the date string format is legal (solved)

Introduction When we use SpringMVC to receive the date data passed from the front end, the data passed by default is of String type. If the data format we pass from the front end is yyyy/MM/dd, Spring MVC has a built-in type converter that automatically converts the String type Convert to Date type. But if […]

Javase | Date class, SimpleDateFormat class, System class

Directory: 1.Date class (date class) 1.1 Constructor method of Date class publicDate( ) public Date(long date) 2.SimpleDateFormat class (simple date format class) 2.1 Definition of SimpleDateFormat class 2.2 Construction method of SimpleDateFormat SimpleDateFormat( ) SimpleDateFormat(String pattern) date format symbol 3. Convert “Date type” to “date string String” 4. Convert “date string String” to “Date type” […]

clang-format and cppcheck automation scripts

Ubuntu installs clang-format and cppcheck# code format automatic adjustment & amp;check clang-format format adjustment Install clang-format: sudo apt install clang-format Generate .clang-format file: clang-format -style=google -dump-config > ~/.clang-format Modify the maximum width of each row, ColumnLimit, to 120. The following is the modified code, which can be saved to the ~/.clang-format file. — Language: Cpp […]