Springboot integrated permission management framework apache shiro

1. Explanation of terms There are a lot of them online 2. pom dependency <dependency> <groupId>org.apache.shiro</groupId> <artifactId>shiro-spring</artifactId> <version>1.2.2</version> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>org.apache.shiro</groupId> <artifactId>shiro-ehcache</artifactId> <version>1.2.2</version> </dependency> encache is optional and is mainly used for caching during authentication. 3. shiroConfiguration The configuration of shiro is mainly the settings of shiroFilter and securityManager @Component public class ShiroConfiguration { <br> […]

Spring01–Spring Framework

1.Getting started with Spring Official website: Spring | Home Spring family bucket: 1.1.Spring Framework system architecture Spring Framework is the most basic project in the Spring ecosystem and the foundation for other projects. As shown in FIG: Core Container: core container AOP: Aspect-oriented programming—-Aspects: the implementation of AOP ideas Data Access/Integration: Data Access/Integration Transactions: Transactions […]

Probably the most popular third-party open source testing framework in Python, pytest

1. Introduction This article is the third in “Let’s talk about Python’s unit testing framework”. The first two articles introduced the standard library unittest and the third-party unit testing framework nose respectively. As the last article in this series, the finale is the most popular third-party unit testing framework in the Python world: pytest. pytest […]

Design ideas of Go microservice development framework DMicro

Design ideas of Go microservice development framework DMicro DMicro Source code address: Gitee: dmicro: dmicro is an efficient, scalable and easy-to-use microservices framework. Contains drpc, dserver, etc. Background The background of DMicro‘s birth is that I have been writing PHP for 10 years and wanted to promote Go within the company. The company’s internal components […]

From Forever to Forever-Microservice Framework Upgrade

Microservice framework upgrade 1 background 2 upgrade 2.1 Overview 2.2 Version upgrade list 2.3 Upgrade issues 2.3.1 spring-cloud-starter-bootstrap 2.3.2 commons-pool2 2.3.3 java: package feign.hystrix does not exist 2.3.4 spring-cloud-loadbalancer 2.3.5 Circular dependency (there will be time for further verification) 2.3.6 springfox-swagger2 2.3.7 sleuth version conflict 2.3.8 Gateways and other services can be registered to nacos […]

Ten years have passed and the UI framework is still stagnant…

[CSDN Editor’s Note] This article is a front-end developer who reveals the limitations of mainstream UI frameworks, believing that they are misleading developers and hiding the true complexity of DOM nodes. The author points out that HTML syntax is not the best abstraction for describing UI, but a projection of the DOM tree. HTML cannot […]

Stop encapsulating various Util tool classes, this god-level framework is worth having!

Source: ryanc.cc /archives/hutool-java -tools-lib Welcome to join Xiaoha’s Planet, you will get: Exclusive project practice (pictures, text + video) / Java learning route / One-on-one questions / Learning check-in Currently, I am leading my friends to work on the first project within Planet: Back-end separation blog, hands-on, back-end + front-end full-stack development, explaining the development […]

AI large framework analysis based on python’s TensorFlow (normalization processing, probability of multi-category classification)

AI large framework analysis based on python’s TensorFlow (normalization processing, probability of multi-category classification) There are many large frameworks for AI (artificial intelligence). The following are some common AI frameworks: TensorFlow: An open source machine learning framework developed by Google that supports a variety of tasks, including image recognition, natural language processing, etc. PyTorch: An […]

Gin framework integrates JWT in practice

Gin framework integrated JWT Gin framework integrates JWT Introduction to basic knowledge Components of Token Introduction to authentication mode Token advantages Operating mechanism gin integrated jwt Define middleware Purpose code flow Write code Write token parsing generated file **Define login verification logic** main file achieve effect Generate token information Perform token verification Gin framework integrated […]

Webapi in .net framework uses swagger to display interface documents

Step 1: Search for the “Swashbuckle” package in nuget package management, and then install it (Note: If it is .net core api, please install Sawshbuckle aspnetcore). Step 2: Open the project App_Start folder and modify the SwaggerConfig.cs configuration file I am just modifying the title of the swagger document here Step 3: Create the xml […]