Android drag and drop startDragAndDrop drag and drop Glide to flexibly load stacked rounded corners, Kotlin (6)

Android drag and drop startDragAndDrop drag and drop Glide to flexibly load stacked rounded corners, Kotlin (6) Android drag and drop startDragAndDrop drag and drop Glide to load stacked rounded corners, Kotlin (5) – CSDN blog article has been read 1.3k times. Android DynamicGrid: Drag to swap positions. Android DynamicGrid is a third-party open source […]

How to elegantly design an SDK

I believe that many development students must have heard of SDK. The full name of SDK is Software Development Kit, which is software development tool kit. It is a set of tools provided by the manufacturer of a hardware platform, operating system, or programming language to assist software developers in creating applications for a specific […]

How SRC gangsters exploit vulnerabilities

How SRC gangsters exploit vulnerabilities Preliminary information collection As the old saying goes, the essence of penetration testing is information collection. For weak players without 0day, mining SRC feels more like sorting out the company’s assets. We often need to spend a long time to collect information, collect and Information related to this company, includingthe […]

1034 Head of a Gang (30 points)

Title translation: Given N call records and a limit K. Each call record contains two names and a call time, and the people contacted belong to the same gang. The question requires that only a group with more than 2 people and a total call time exceeding K can be counted as a gang, and […]

Elegant concurrent programming-CompletableFuture

Directory Learn about CompletableFuture CompletableFuture is a class introduced in Java 8 to support asynchronous programming and non-blocking operations. It provides a simple and powerful way to handle asynchronous tasks, can easily implement parallel, non-blocking operations, and provides rich methods to handle the completion status of tasks, exceptions, and concatenation and concatenation between multiple tasks. […]

Java elegant empty judgment

Initialization Optional provides three initialization methods: @SpringBootTest public class OptionalTest {<!– –> @Test public void testOptional() {<!– –> Optional.empty(); Optional.ofNullable(null); Optional.of(null); } } empty returns an empty Optional object. of will report an error when encountering null, but the purpose of using Optional is to prevent null pointers, so ofNullable is generally used more often. […]

SpringBoot implements dynamic switching of data sources, which is more elegant!

Recently, when doing business requirements, I need to obtain data from different databases and then write them into the current database, so it involves switching data sources. Originally I wanted to use the dynamic data source SpringBoot starter provided in Mybatis-plus: dynamic-datasource-spring-boot-starter to achieve it. After the results were introduced, it was found that it […]