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k8s resource management operation-declarative management method

Table of Contents Declarative resource management approach 1. Commonly used kubernetes management commands 1) Check version information 2) View the resource object abbreviation 3) View cluster information 4) Configure kubectl automatic completion 5) Node node view logs 2. Resource management commands 1) Create resources 2) View resources 3) Delete resources 4) Enter the container in […]

μC/OS-II—Message mailbox management 1 (os_mbox.c)

Directory Message mailbox creation Message mailbox deletion Waiting for a message in your mailbox Send a message to email Message mailbox creation OS_EVENT *OSMboxCreate (void *pmsg) {<!– –> OS_EVENT *pevent; #if OS_CRITICAL_METHOD == 3u /* Allocate storage for CPU status register */ OS_CPU_SR cpu_sr = 0u; #endif #ifdef OS_SAFETY_CRITICAL_IEC61508 \t if (OSSafetyCriticalStartFlag == OS_TRUE) {<!– […]

μC/OS-II—Semaphore management 1 (os_sem.c)

Directory Semaphore management Semaphore creation Semaphore deletion Get/wait for semaphore emit semaphore Semaphore management Semaphore creation OS_EVENT *OSSemCreate (INT16U cnt) {<!– –> OS_EVENT *pevent; #if OS_CRITICAL_METHOD == 3u /* Allocate storage for CPU status register */ OS_CPU_SR cpu_sr = 0u; #endif #ifdef OS_SAFETY_CRITICAL_IEC61508 \t if (OSSafetyCriticalStartFlag == OS_TRUE) {<!– –> OS_SAFETY_CRITICAL_EXCEPTION(); return ((OS_EVENT *)0); } […]

[PG] Configuration file for PostgreSQL high availability solution repmgr management

1 Configuration File 1.1 Configuration file format repmgr.conf is a plain text file containing one parameter/value combination per line. White spaces are irrelevant (except within quoted parameter values), and blank lines are ignored. #Specifies the remainder of the line as a comment. Parameter values that are not simple identifiers or numbers should be enclosed in […]

μC/OS-II—Event flag group management 1 (os_flag.c)

Directory Event flag group creation event flag group delete Event flag group get/wait When a task needs to be synchronized with multiple events, an event flag group is used. An event flag is a binary signal, and an event flag group is a combination of several binary signals. Synchronization tasks using event flag groups are […]

μC/OS-II—Event flag group management 2 (os_flag.c)

Directory Event flag group flag is set or cleared to 0 event flag group get/no wait Event flag group status query Set event flag group naming Get event flag group naming The event flag group flag is set to 1 or cleared to 0 Set event flag bit: You can set or clear the specified […]

μC/OS-II—Task management 2 (os_task.c)

Directory Change task priority Task hangs Task recovery Task information acquisition Task scheduler lock (os_core.c) Task scheduler unlocking (os_core.c) Change Task priority #if OS_TASK_CHANGE_PRIO_EN > 0u INT8U OSTaskChangePrio (INT8U oldprio, INT8U newprio) {<!– –> #if (OS_EVENT_EN) OS_EVENT *pevent; #if (OS_EVENT_MULTI_EN > 0u) OS_EVENT **pevents; #endif #endif OS_TCB *ptcb; INT8U y_new; INT8U x_new; INT8U y_old; OS_PRIO […]

AssetManager resource management and release of cocosCreator

Version: 3.4.0 Language: TypeScript Environment: Mac Review There are two previous blogs that explain: cocosCreator’s resources dynamic loading and preloading tells about static reference resources, dynamic loading and preloading. cocosCreator’s Bundle talks about the use of AssetManager’s built-in Bundles and custom Bundles The simple understanding is related to the use of static and dynamic reference […]

Product management swiper setting and deletion implementation

<template> <el-card> <el-row :gutter=”20″ class=”header”> <el-col :span=”7″> <el-input placeholder=”Please enter the product name…” clearable v-model=”queryForm.query”></el-input> </el-col> <el-button type=”primary” :icon=”Search” @click=”initProductList”>Search</el-button> <el-button type=”primary” @click=”handleDialogValue()”>Add product</el-button> </el-row> <el-table :data=”tableData” stripe style=”width: 100%”> <el-table-column prop=”name” label=”Product Name” width=”200″ fixed/> <el-table-column prop=”image” label=”Product image” width=”150″ align=”center”> <template v-slot=”scope”> <img :src=”getServerUrl() + ‘/image/product/’ + scope.row.proPic” width=”80″ height=”80″/> </template> </el-table-column> <el-table-column […]