Vite3+vue3 project packaging optimization 3 – CDN acceleration, file compression

1. CDN online acceleration Content Delivery Network (CDN for short) is a distributed content distribution network built on a data network, which allows users to request resources from the nearest server to improve the response speed of network requests. Usually, we request dependent modules to use CDN, while requesting project code still uses its own […]

Vue (Vuex plugin)

1. Introduction to Vuex 1. Concept A Vue plug-in that specifically implements centralized state data management in Vue. It performs centralized management (read/write) on the shared state of multiple components in Vue applications. It is also a way of communication between components, and Suitable for communication between arbitrary components. 2. Understand vuex address 3. […]

[03] nginx command

1. work process command Document address: master_process: Used to specify whether to start the working process. Syntax master_process on|off; default master_process on; position global block worker_processes: Used to configure the number of worker processes generated by Nginx, which is the key to the concurrent processing service of the Nginx server. Theoretically, the larger the […]

[Nginx] cache integration

Article directory The concept of caching Nginx web cache service Related instructions for Nginx cache settings Nginx cache setting case Clearing of Nginx cache Method 1: Delete the corresponding cache directory Method 2: Use a third-party extension module Nginx sets resources not to cache The concept of caching Cache is the buffer for data exchange […]

kubeadm for beginners to deploy kubernetes cluster 1.21.0

1. Basic environmental information centos7.9 kubernetes 1.21 network: Calico Underlying driver: Docker 1.1 Host hardware configuration instructions CPU Memory IP Role Hostname 2C 4G master master01 2C 4G worker(node) worker01 2C 4G worker(node) worker02 1.2 Host configuration (if it is a local vm, be sure to change the IP to static) The […]

Coupons use a rules engine to calculate offers (drools)

There are more and more promotional patterns for e-commerce, and the rules are becoming more and more complex. Therefore, frequent changes in rules may lead to frequent version development and launch. Therefore, the business hopes to be able to go online quickly, which requires products to be able to achieve Modify the code to go […]

Element table secondary packaging is super detailed with code (attached form slot, header slot, single choice and multiple choice, automatic selection according to data)

Recently, I have been working in the background management system, and the search and form are used a lot. Based on the secondary packaging of the element table, it is as follows first picture parent component <div class=”content_main”> <div class=”search_card”> <wpform style=”margin-top:20px” :objForm=”objForm” :formData=”formData” @searchSubmit=”searchSubmit(val)” ></wpform> </div> <div class=”tableContent”> <wp_table ref=”mytable” :tableData=”pendingReviewdata” @rowClick=”rowClick” :headerColumns=”pendingReviewHeader” :sendHeight=”sendHeight”> […]

Will computers be the next civil engineering?

Click above to follow “Terminal R&D Department“ Set it as a “star” to master more database knowledge with you Source: Zhihu Recently, the Internet has laid off employees, and some netizens have heatedly discussed: After the large-scale layoffs in 2022, will computer majors become the next civil engineering? This year is my 12th year in […]

Workflow Engine Design and Implementation · Task Blocking and Execution

In the previous article, when we talked about the task model, we mentioned blocking tasks, so how is this formed in the workflow? What is the relationship between blocking tasks and task models? Let’s do a simple analysis below. Here is still the simplest process as an example: Process definition Process Description node name display […]

Encryption and Decryption Debugging Dynamic Debugging Technology (2) – Common Breakpoints

Directory common breakpoints 1.INT 3 breakpoint detection bypass 2. Hardware breakpoint principle We give the example of hardware interrupt remove hardware breakpoint 3. Memory breakpoint principle example delete the difference Summarize 4. Memory access one-time breakpoint 5. Message breakpoint example delete 6. Conditional breakpoints (1) Interrupt by register condition (2) Interrupt by memory condition 7. […]