DigitalVirt Japan Lite VPS Review

Published on 2023-07-18 at Official website link (including AFF): Japan’s SoftBank + CMI, China Unicom’s first choice. Streaming unblocking is great, see testing for details. Note that the speed test appears to be black holed. Specifications B1-1C1G ¥ 49 monthly payment Core1 Core (EPYC) Memory1GB System disk10G Peak1Gbps Traffic package1000G/month Test Review channel: […]

ESP32/ESP8266 drives 1.8″tft_oled screen imitation digital tube clock based on Arduino framework

ESP32/ESP8266 drives 1.8″tft_oled screen imitation digital tube clock based on Arduino framework Related article “ESP32 drives I2C OLED time display based on U8g2 under Arduino framework” Effect demonstration: The screen display part uses the TFT_eSPI library driver and uses the unique font display that comes with the library. The screen adopts 128*160 1.8″tft_Oled screen. This […]

Designing IIR digital filter using bilinear transformation method

1. Experimental purpose 1. Be familiar with the principles and methods of designing IIR digital filters using bilinear transformation method. 2. Master the computer simulation method of digital filters. 3. Obtain perceptual knowledge of digital filtering by observing the filtering effect on actual electrocardiogram signals. 2. Experimental content 1. Use bilinear transformation method to design […]

Git command line usage guide

Git command line usage guide Part One: Configuring Git 1.1 Set user information 1.2 Configure line break processing Part 2: Create and configure the warehouse 2.1 Initialize the warehouse 2.2 Clone the repository 2.3 Recursive cloning 2.4 Deep cloning Part 3: Basic Operations 3.1 Add files 3.2 Commit changes 3.3 View status and submission history […]

Ubuntu vscode detailed installation and cmake configuration, git push and pull, shortcuts

Ubuntu vscode installation and cmake configuration detailed operations Install vscode Solution to the slow or failed download of VSCode official website_vscode cannot be downloaded_Who knows this kid’s blog-CSDN blog 1. The official website may fail to download due to network problems. You can use the above method to download 2. First go to the […]

Git version control system branches and tags (version)

Table of Contents 1. Git branch (Branch) 1.1 Branch function 1.2 Four branch management strategies 1.3 Use cases 1.3.1 Instructions 1.3.2 Use in combination with application scenarios 2. Git tag (Tag) 2.1 Label function 2.2 Label specifications 2.3 Use cases 2.3.1 Instructions 2.3.2 Usage examples 1. Git Branch (Branch) Branching is a key concept when […]

Digital modeling experience-data processing-pandas

Digital analog experience-data processing-pandas Detailed explanation of the code: will be added next time import pandas as pd import numpy as np # # Set panda display function # pd.set_option(‘display.max_columns’, 10) # pd.set_option(‘display.max_rows’, 100) # pd.set_option(‘display.width’, 100) Series basic operations obj=pd.Series([4,7,-5,3]) obj 0 4 1 7 2-5 3 3 dtype: int64 obj.values array([ 4, 7, […]

Getting started with git commands

Reference Liao Xuefeng git tutorial-recommended git diagram Branch naming convention ps: The pictures are all other people’s 1.Basic concepts Region Four areas: Working Directory, Staging Area (stage/index), Local Repository, and Remote Repository. The relationship between them is as follows: – branch Master branch (master/main) (the master branch is always the stable version available and cannot […]

“The charm of the GUI graphical interface, the secure communication of the SSH protocol and the efficient development of IDEA integrated with Git”

Article directory introduction 1. Practical application of GUI graphical interface 2. Secure communication using SSH protocol What is SSH? git/github generates the key and passes Remote github warehouse configuration 3. Quick start guide for integrating Git with IDEA Summarize Introduction In the field of computer science, a graphical user interface (GUI) is a user interface […]