Git-Distributed version control system

Note: Workspace: files in local directories (except hidden directories .git) Repository: the hidden directory .git, including the temporary storage area, the first branch master, and the pointer HEA pointing to the master Common git commands Right mouse button, select GitBash git config –glabal “wcc” %Specify the user name for the warehouse% git config –glabal […]

Free 5 new publications: digital transformation books

Books at the end of the article Digital transformation is imminent With the rapid development and wide application of new technologies such as “cloud, big things, smart things”, digitalization has become a strategic choice for economic and social development in countries around the world, and the level of digitalization has become an important indicator of […]

[torch version – Convolutional Neural Networks (Convolutional Neural Networks) realizes Mnist handwritten digit classification]

[torch version – Convolutional Neural Networks (Convolutional Neural Networks) realizes Mnist handwritten digit classification] The following code is implemented by Jupyter Notebook 1. Load data import numpy as np import torch import torch.nn as nn import torch.nn.functional as F import torchvision size = 28 num_classes = 10 batch_size = 32 learning_rate = 0.005 num_epochs = […]

Linux builds GitLab private warehouse, and achieves public network access through intranet penetration

Article directory foreword 1. Download Gitlab 2. Install GitLab 3. Start Gitlab 4. Install cpolar 5. Create a tunnel configuration access address 6. Fixed GitLab access address 6.1 Reserved second-level subdomains 6.2 Configure the second-level subdomain name 7. Test access to the second-level subdomain Foreword GitLab is an open source project for warehouse management systems, […]

K_A22_005 STM32-based drive 360-degree encoder module serial port and digital tube dual display

K_A22_005 is based on STM32 driving 360-degree encoder module, serial port and digital tube dual display All resource navigation 1. Resource description 2. Basic parameters Pin Description 3. Driver instructions Corresponding program: Fourth, part of the code description 1. Wiring pin definition STM32F103C8T6 + 360 degree encoder module 5. Basic knowledge learning and related data […]

Three-digit mixed password compressed package decryption tool

Instructions for use: The text editor saves it as a file type bat, without check spaces, exclamation marks, double quotation marks, percent marks, and colons. Because of special characters, the three digits are not processed temporarily because of the length limit of the batch value. It is only for demonstration and communication. @echo off setlocal […]

Build a Git server under Linux

=” Foreword “== Environment: Server CentOS6.6 + git (version 1.7.1) Client Windows10 + git (version ① Install Git Linux is used as the server system, Windows is used as the client system, and Git is installed separately Server side: #yum install -y git After installation, check the Git version [root@localhost ~]# git –version git […]

Gitops Handbook 5: Building GitOps Workflows with ArgoCD

Introduction This lab series consists of seven topics, covering implementation and advanced features from application containerization to GitOps workflows. Through these lab playbooks, you’ll learn how to build, deploy, and manage applications, and how to implement an efficient continuous delivery process on a Kubernetes cluster. The following are the seven chapters of the lab manual: […]